This is the Newsletter of the Hands of Friendship Quilt Guild of Kirksville, Missouri.

Use this link to download and print a copy of our February 2015 Minutes.

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FEBRUARY 18, 2015

The Hands Of Friendship Quilt Guild met at the Adair County Annex building February 18, 2015.  Roll Call was answered by 25 members and two guests, Stephanie Hettinger and Mr. Tim Tucker. Tim was a guest of Alice Allinson and Andrea O’Brien who were in charge of the program and Alice introduced him to the group.


Assisted by Alice and Andrea, Mr. Tim Tucker showed a number of quilts, which had belonged to his mother, Trevia, known to several of our members.  Some were family quilts and others were quilts she particularly liked and then purchased while on trips to various parts of the country, particularly California.  Andrea read the story of the quilts as they were held up by Mr. Tucker and Alice.  The hand quilting on many of them was beautiful with extremely tiny stitches and the “number of stitches to the inch” were a part of the story on some of the quilts.


Following the program, there was a break while Alice and Andrea assisted Mr. Tucker in packing the quilts for his return home.  At the same time, refreshments of cheese spread, crackers, chocolate cake, cherry angel food cake, coffee, and various kinds of soda pop were served by Renae Farnsworth and Kathy East.


President Di Zook called the meeting to order after the break and one guest, Stephanie Hettinger, was introduced. She plans to join our guild. The minutes were approved as distributed.  Treasurer Joan Harrison did not circulate a hard copy of the Treasurer’s Report tonight, stating it was the same as last month.  She did remind us there are monies set aside for the Speaker Fund (Bonnie Hunter) and also the needs of the Community Service Committee. Thank You cards were received from the United Methodist Church for the Jean Nevins Memorial and from the Christian Community Food Deport for the Christmas gift. Georgianne Hays donated batting for the Veterans’ quilt project and Renae will take care of it.


Sign-up sheets for the Bonnie Hunter Workshop were circulated. All members were allowed to sign up for 1 class at this time and given first choice. Instructions for “Playing with Jacks” and “Jared Takes a Wife” can be downloaded free from (The money for that 1st choice class was due tonight in order for the member to be considered “signed up”.)

The September 17 class will be a ½ day class titled “Playing with Jacks”; “Jared Takes a Wife” will be a full day class on September 18, and “Texas Tumble Weeds” will be a full day class on September 19.  This class “Texas Tumble Weeds” class  requires the purchase of the book, “More Adventures with Leaders and Enders”.  This can be ordered “on line” and Paula  Presley stated she could order the book for any member who wished since she has free shipping.

All classes/trunk show will be at the Novinger Fire Station, Novinger, MO.  A lunch buffet will be available on Friday for $10 per person and also on Saturday for $10 per person.  In addition, there are a couple restaurants in Novinger where anyone can get a meal if they so desire.

PLEASE NOTE!!!  Everyone needs to be at the next Guild meeting (March 18) to sign up:  You are NOT signed up if you are not here to pay!!!


Just a reminder on how to get to our BLOG:  Bonnie Hunter information is listed there.  You will have to use the member password to see the details of the workshop and other personal information, etc.



Member News:

Alice Allinson will have a quilt class at Wildflower Quilting, Queen City, (owner Karen Farnsworth), when they will make a Mariner’s Compass table runner.  It will be an all-day class on March 28.  Cost is $20. You must download a pattern from Etsy for $8 prior to the class. Go to, search for a Mariner’s Compass pattern by “bookerworx”, designed by Danika Norey.

March Program:

The program in March will be on Civil War quilts by Linda Pickett and Jane Eitel. Members were asked to bring their own Civil War quilts and/or books to share.



Community Service: 

The “Make a Blanket Day” for Project Linus will be Saturday, February 21, 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. at the Shrine Club.  Everyone is welcome.


The group was made aware of sadnesses in the life of member Carol Snider.  Her great-granddaughter was born (daughter of Casey & Lacey) and lived only 5 days.  At about the same time, her brother-in-law in Nebraska passed away so she made a “flying trip” there and another ”flying trip” home for the services here.  A card from the Guild will be sent to her.


  • Publicity:
    • Barb Bevell has already put the 2015 Quilt Show information on two sites.
  • Theme:
    • The theme is “Under the Big Top”.
  • Raffle Quilt:
    • The raffle quilt is currently on Alice’s long-arm machine and partially quilted. She showed a picture of it (“Carolina Lily”) on her iPad.



  • Gyla Elmore:
    1. “Gaelic Garden”, featuring floating inset Prairie Points.
    2. Disney quilt she made for a friend (a 42-year-old man).
  • Kathy East:
    1. Veteran’s quilt designed by Stan East, and made by Kathy East especially for Holland Clem, WWII veteran & former owner of C & R Market, La Plata
    2. Ragtime Baby Quilt made by Kathy East, all seams cut by Stan East, for their soon to be born great-great-grandson. Great-granddaughter requested the quilt have camouflage & orange blocks
  • Di Zook/Meredith Willcox:
    1. embroidered lap quilt made for an ill friend
  • Linda Pickett:
    1. “Into the Winter Woods”
  • Peggy Clark:
    1. Two (2) Project Linus quilts
    2. Farmall panel quilt containing hogs, horses, and chickens & reminded her of her father
  • Diane Jarvis:
    1. Flower Garden (English paper piecing)
  • Kay Beach:
    1. Charlie’s quilt shown last month, now quilted by Kay on her Pfaff sewing machine
    2. Block Exchange Quilt
  • Barb Bevell:
    1. bag made from selvedges
  • Andrea O’Brien:
    1. Quilt made with blocks from her grandmother’s fabric.
  • Marsha Yahl:
    1. John Deere quilt.
  • Ellen Farnsworth:
    1. Yellow quilt made from a panel.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,


Kathy East, Secretary

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