This is the Newsletter of the Hands of Friendship Quilt Guild of Kirksville, Missouri.

September 2015 Program

The September 2015 program was an exciting one! It was time to reveal the 2015 Challenge Quilts. Thirteen creative members participated in the “Make a Bonnie Hunter Quilt” challenge in celebration of Bonnie Hunter coming to town for a retreat. We wanted to surprise Bonnie with our versions of her quilt patterns. The Challenge Committee chose five of Bonnie’s free patterns and participants had one year to complete the pattern of their choice.

It’s amazing to see how each design was interpreted. They turned out so differently and all were gorgeous quilts! Great job, everyone!

There was a tie for 1st Place, with Mary Magruder’s “Pineapple Blossom” and Andrea O’Brien’s “Scrappy Mountains”. There was also a tie for 3rd Place, with Di Zook’s “Boxy Stars” and Marsha Yahl’s “Scrappy Mountains”.

(Click on a photo to enlarge and start the slide show.)



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