This is the Newsletter of the Hands of Friendship Quilt Guild of Kirksville, Missouri.

Use this link to download and print a copy of our October 2015 HOF Minutes.


OCTOBER 21, 2015

The Hands of Friendship Quilt Guild met at the Adair County Annex, Kirksville, on October 21, 2015. As the members/friends gathered, Elsie Gaber handed out name tags, and each person received a square of various fabrics, the third one we have received.

President Di Zook called the meeting to order at 6:38 p.m., and announced the October birthdays. Joan Harrison introduced her guest, Bonnie Lindquist, a high school classmate. Roll Call, “number of years I have been a member of Quilt Guild,” was answered by 30 members.

The minutes were approved as sent out via email and the postal service. Treasurer Joan Harrison presented her report and it was discussed.

Joan also prepared a separate and final report of expenses for the Bonnie Hunter event.

There was a question as to why the funds for the speaker system were taken from the Bonnie Hunter Event. Joan explained that the system was purchased especially for the Bonnie Hunter Event and the need for everyone to be able to hear the instructions and other information during that event. Although it will be used for other things, such as regular meetings and the Quilt Show(s), most likely it would not have been purchased at this time, except for the Bonnie Hunter Event. She clarified we have only one bank account, but it could be taken from another section of that account. As we began setting aside funds for the Bonnie Hunter event and it was in the early planning stages, there had been a comment that when the Bonnie Hunter Event was over, if there was unused money, some of it would be used to purchase something for the Guild and any remaining funds retained for a future retreat.



Kirksville Art Center Quilt Show:  President Di announced that the list for quilts to be shown during November through December at the Kirksville Art Center needed to be completed. Nineteen(19) people had signed up at the September meeting and the list was circulated again. Quilts must be taken to the Art Center on November 2 & 3, 10:00 a.m. to 12 noon. If anyone has a problem getting their quilt to the Art Center between those hours, Kay Beach was volunteered to take them—those quilts must be taken to Kay, she will NOT pick them up.

Shirts for new members were discussed. The person who has done shirts for us previously has retired and we need to find another source. President Di did some checking and there was a wide price range from $21.00 to $65.00 for blue chambray shirts, with the most reasonable price at Unionville.   Vice-President Andrea O’Brien checked with the Stitching Post in Kirksville, and we can get polo shirts there for $18, with the stitching costing approximately another $5. She did not check on the blue chambray shirts but will do so. It was felt we would rather purchase them locally if possible. Barb Bevell conducted a short survey as to what we might want:

  • New members chambray shirts, Guild to pay $15.00 of cost – 8-10;
  • Old Members or 2nd chambray shirt (cost is “on your own”) – 5;
  • Polo shirts (cost is “on your own”) – 10.

It was decided to “work” on this during the month and make a decision in November.

“Tie-Dye Shirts” to be worn at the 2016 Quilt Show: John O’Brien’s classes at Truman will provide the shirts AND tie-dye them for $10.00 per person. This is a money-making project of his classes and the consensus was that it is a bargain! Money for these shirts can be given to Joan Harrison. All members are encouraged to wear the tie-dye shirts during the 2016 Quilt Show.

Membership Books:  Rose Marie Smith prepared the information for the new books and they were circulated. She was commended for her efforts!




COMMUNITY SERVICE: Meredith Willcox announced that several members had gotten together and sewn 50 neck pillows for the Dialysis Clinic. She asked if there was a need for neck pillows or other items at George Rea Treatment Center or another clinic, etc., which needs to be checked out.

Charity Quilts: Rose Marie Smith stated that Renae Farnsworth often pays out of her pocket for batting, fabric, etc. for the Veterans’ Quilts. Rose Marie made a motion, seconded by Elsie Gaber, to have Joan Harrison order batting at her best price for the Veterans’ Quilts and give the batting to Renae. The motion carried.   For Roll Call in November EVERYONE is to bring an item(s) from their “stash” to be given to Renae and used in the Veterans’ Quilts.

COURTESY: Members are Bonnie Schultz, Brenda Moore, Susan Guffey, and Gloria Davis. Bonnie stated all the members of this committee are new and will appreciate notice when someone is ill, hospitalized, etc. Cards were sent to Gyla Elmore and Paula Presley who were “under the weather”. It was announced Mary Magruder had surgery recently and a card will be sent to her.

HISTORIAN: There was no report.

NEWSLETTER/BLOG/WEBSITE: This month, 121 people have been on our BLOG.

BY-LAWS: Vice-President Andrea O’Brien spoke about the By-Laws, which are in the back of the program book. It is planned to have committee sign-ups in May 2016, since our new year begins is July, and we could then have the books printed much earlier than in the past.

CHRISTMAS PARTY COMMITTEE: The committee is working on Christmas party plans but had nothing specific to announce at this time.

QUILT TIL YOU WILT: Rose Marie Smith announced that she will set up a Quilt Til You Wilt on either November 21, or December 5. She will let us know when the plans are complete.



Bonnie Schultz, Masha Yahl, and Joan Harrison presented the theme for the 2016 Challenge Quilts: “Size Matters.” Participants are to make a quilt with at least three (3) sizes of the same block. Fillers, such as sashing, etc., can be used, and can be any size. These quilts will be shown in September 2016 and then entered in the 2017 Quilt Show. They showed several examples using such things as “9-patch,” “stars,” etc.



  • Meredith Willcox:
    1. “Iris” quilt, quilted by Joan Harrison;
    2. Pillow appliquéd with a Scotty dog for a granddaughter;
    3. “Cathedral Windows” blocks;
    4. “Embroidered Sampler” quilt.
  • Gyla Elmore:
    1. “Honeymoon Shadows,” quilt made for her husband with leftover pieces in a snowball pattern.
  • Brenda Moore:
    1. “Disappearing Hourglass.”
  • Mary Shoaf:
    1. “Folding Flowers,”
    2. “Disappearing Pinwheel.”
  • Barb Bevell:
    1. “Dolly Quilt,” made from leftovers of Jean Nevins’ quilt.
  • Alice Allinson:
    1. “Stained Glass Wonder.”
  • Kathy East:
    1. Veterans’ Quilts: U.S. Navy quilt for a doctor friend;
    2. U.S. Army quilt for a La Plata friend;
    3. A “tell” about another U. S. Army quilt, which will be given away before the next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:28 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Kathy East, Secretary

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