This is the Newsletter of the Hands of Friendship Quilt Guild of Kirksville, Missouri.



MARCH 16, 2016

The Hands of Friendship Quilt Guild met at the Adair County Annex, Kirksville, on March 16, 2016, for their regular meeting. President Di Zook called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m. Elsie Gaber, Fun & Games Committee Chairman, distributed a playing card to each person in attendance and March birthdays were announced. Roll Call was answered by 29 members with what the number &/or suit of their card made them think of. There were some very unique and interesting answers.

The minutes were approved as sent out. There continues to be a problem with members receiving the minutes via email. Some suggestions of possible corrections were made and Kathy will implement them to see if the problem(s) can be solved. The Treasurer’s Report was circulated. A thank you note from Celia Riggle was read.

Many expressed the Retreat was great and thanked Shelly Pagliai for her presentation. She has a new book coming out soon.



President Di Zook will be out of town at the time of the April meeting, as will Vice-President Andrea O’Brien. Secretary Kathy East and Treasurer Joan Harrison will be in charge of the April meeting.




There was excellent attendance at Project Linus in March. Renae Farnsworth announced women veterans will be honored Wednesday, March 30, 2016, at a luncheon, second floor of the VA Hospital, Columbia. She asked if anyone would like to attend and some indicated they would. Rose Marie Smith and Kathy East do plan to attend..


Bonnie Schultz announced a card was sent to Celia Riggle who had surgery. Alice Allinson’s mother is in Florida and received a severely broken ankle in a golf cart accident. Alice reported her mom is now receiving home health-type care. Maria Bradshaw’s parents have entered a nursing home recently, and Mary Shoaf’s husband is doing better.

The neck pillows were really appreciated at the Dialysis Clinic.


Carol Snider reported there is nothing different.


The slate of officers for 2016-2017

  •  President: Andrea O’Brien
  •  Vice-President: Elsie Gaber
  •  Secretary: Kathy East
  •  Treasurer: Joan Harrison.


Pat Kurtzeman is scheduled to present the program in July and will be out of town. Barb Bevell and Andrea O’Brien may be able to switch with Pat.


The NEMO Shop Hop is April 21, 22, and 23, 2016.


  • The committee is having monthly meetings. A letter has been drafted to send out. Everyone is encouraged to enter their quilts electronically.
  • Awards/Ribbons: Meredith Willcox and her committee have everything under control and are using a red heart.
  • Publicity: Fliers are designed and will be ready to hand out at the April/May meeting.
  • Raffle Quilt: The raffle quilt is done except for the binding, which will be completed soon. It was shown and is beautiful in white and shades of blue.
  • Special Event: Shelly Pagliai will also have a book-signing.
  • Vendors: Approximately 50 letters have been sent out to vendors and they have received some responses. Vendors are being asked to do demonstrations and some of our own members will be doing demonstrations
  • White Glove Committee: Elsie Gaber and her committee will make certain people do not handle the quilts by providing white gloves if they wish to touch a quilt.
  • ALL Guild members are encouraged to wear a tie-dye shirt at the Quilt Show. John O’Brien will do more tie-dye shirts this weekend, if anyone needs one, speak to Andrea tonight, pay $10, and they will do it then.
  • Andrea O’Brien has some cute little sayings she will post throughout the area of the hanging quilts.



  • Diane Jarvis: 
    1. Her niece pieced the center of the quilt she showed and Diane completed it with a purple border.
  • Kay Beach:
    1. Jo Morton fabrics were used in an Hourglass pattern in a quilt with no borders. This is an “out of the box” quilt for her.
  • Linda Kowalski:
    1. A Kansas City Star quilt, “Hazel’s Diary,” with a red checkerboard border
  • Shelly Pagliai:
    1. “Triangle Salad” with LOTS of triangles.
    2. Kansas City Star Quilt of the Month, “Hazel Ilene’s Diary,” with original 1950’s fabrics and repro 1950’s fabrics.
  • Susan Chidester:
    1. “Star Struck,” quilt made with half-rectangle ruler.
    2. “Reflections” in red, white, and blue.
  • Alice Allinson:
    1. Jacqueline Dejonge pattern, which was in metrics so she had to change it. It was made with bright colors on black.
  • Pat Kurtzeman:
    1. “Mystery Quilt” she finished from Shelley’s class.
  • Elsie Gaber and Mary Shoaf:
    1. Mary quilted the quilt Elsie Gaber made for the Rotary “Reverse Auction.”
  •  Mary Shoaf:
    1. “Block of the Month” quilt with brown borders.
  • Erin Northcutt:
    1. Orange Peel table runner.
    2. Spool table runner
    3. Yellow/gray “Disappearing 9-Patch” quilt
  • Kim Sampson:
    1. Quilt in pastel colors for niece who is expecting her 4th child.
    2. Quilt with Elvis Presley fabrics she found at Hobby Lobby and made for a friend. She quilted it with music notes on her long-arm machine.
    3. King size quilt for daughter in colors of light green, gray, and black, 114” x 114”.
  • Bonnie Schultz:
    1. “Quilts of Valor” (#1) for one of the Schultz boys.
    2. “Quilts of Valor” (#2) for the other Schultz boy.
  • Andrea O’Brien:
    1. Quilt from a kit, which she doesn’t normally do.
    2. Quilt made with 100 painted blocks given to her, has a blue border.
    3. Quilt made for husband John with chemistry beakers on bright green.
    4. Quilt made by her Mom at a retreat.
    5. Two scrap bags made with leftovers from Quilts of Valor.
  • Di Zook:
    1. Quilt made for a new granddaughter with cross-stitch bears, set together with pink.



Andrea O’Brien presented the program on “Scrappy Bags” and she provided written instructions for everyone. She uses leftover quilt blocks and fabrics for her bags and sews, sews, sews them so they will be very sturdy. The handles have “needlepoint” batting in them so they will be very strong. The only place she has been able to find the needlepoint batting is at Cantril, IA, and it is $1.79 a yard. She puts pockets on the inside of both the front and the back of the bags. Several of the bag sections were circulated as well as a number of completed bags.



“Quilt ‘Til U Wilt” will be Saturday, March 19, 9:00 a.m. to ??? at the Adair County Annex on North Franklin Street, Kirksville. You may “brown bag” it or bring a dish to share at the noon hour. Hope to see you there!!!

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy East, Secretary 

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