This is the Newsletter of the Hands of Friendship Quilt Guild of Kirksville, Missouri.

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Sit back, relax, and enjoy the minutes from the January meeting:


JANUARY 18, 2017

The Hands of Friendship Quilt Guild met at 6:30 p.m., Wednesday, January 18, 2017, at the Adair County Annex, Kirksville, for their regular meeting. President Andrea O’Brien opened the meeting and welcomed everyone. Guests introduced were: Michaella Peck, Jana Russon (who became a member tonight), and Elaine Scudder. We were happy to welcome Cindy Spearman who has been ill and unable to attend. Cindy’s sister, Connie Beltrama was also welcomed!

Michaella was introduced as she was to present our program tonight. Barb Bevell set up a live-stream for her presentation so Keith & Marilyn Peck, her grandparents who are in Texas, and Erin Northcutt, a member who was unable to attend, could see Michaella’s presentation.

Roll call was answered by 30 members with “My favorite color to quilt with.” Because of the live-stream, the program had to be at a later time, so Show & Tell was held first.


Rose Marie Smith

  1. a baby quilt in mint green for an expected great-grandson
  2. Challenge quilt from the Edina Quilt Guild featuring scrappy nine-patch houses;

Linda Kowalski

  1. Raffle quilt top for the 2017 Quilt Show is completed. It is a Carpenter’s Star pattern in beiges and browns, 105” x 105”. Linda donated the fabrics for the top but would like help with the purchase of the backing.
  2. Quilt in a sunflower block exchange.

Effie Sickal

  1. “Carpenter’s Star” quilt for her stepdaughter in black & cream.
  2. “Carpenter’s Star Quilt in blues & maroons—made for a gentleman whose wife passed away.
  3. Table runners: one in dark colors & One of various size squares

Debbie Hudnall

  1. quilt to be used as the “guest book” at her daughter’s upcoming wedding.

Susan Guffey

  1. Pumpkin wall hanging;
  2. Christmas wall hanging;
  3. Quilt with wolves for “Project Linus”
  4. Ornaments made with what was left of Jean Nevins’ fabrics after the fire at the Kirksville Art Center.

Carol Cunningham

  1. her “Snowman” quilt was found by Ben Beard in the Kirksville Art Center building after the fire. It laid there for 20 days and survived because a ceiling tile was on top of the quilt. A lot of the quilt felt like paper.

Joan Harrison

  1. Last year’s challenge quilt of 3 sizes of the same pattern completed for “Project Linus;”
  2. Quilt in purples & yellows, made from a kit purchased at the Quilt Show.

Maria Bradshaw

  1. Quilt in “Star” pattern (Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt), made from her stash.

Brenda Moore

  1. “Colorado” block quilt made for her granddaughter in pinks/turquoise in zig-zag pattern.

Kathy East

  1. Quilt contains blocks of Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine individuals; firefighters & policemen, and also patriotic blocks. It will be donated for a raffle in March at Chariton Valley.
  2. “Alphabet letters” pieced for a Great-granddaughter.

Andrea O’Brien

  1. Quilt made for friend from his father’s shirts in the corn maize pattern, quilt will go to his children;
  2. Quilt from light blue fabrics;
  3. Quilt with red backing;
  4. Quilt top of leftover plaids in large pinwheel pattern.

Meredith Willcox

  1. serged 22” strips together and made 48 bags to be used for Christmas wrapping paper
  2. 15 smaller bags made the same way; and
  3. 35 rice bags.

There was a break to view the “Show and Tell items.

Michaella Peck was introduced and presented a very interesting program on her time spent in Guatemala during two summers. While there, she bought fabrics, which are made there on looms. She displayed a beautiful quilt she made with those fabrics, set together and bordered with plain black fabric. Many of the fabrics she bought were used and sold for much less at the “markets.”   Some of the fabrics they use for women’s skirts (8 yards long) have very tiny pleats, which were achieved with many hours of ironing. She demonstrated how these long skirts were put on with long cords and cinched several times around their waists. She displayed many of the blouses the ladies wore, which were beautifully decorated with hand-embroidered flowers and other designs. She also related that up to 20 people lived in one room houses that were not large.

The January birthdays were announced, the minutes were approved as distributed, and the Treasurer’s report was circulated and approved. UFO lists were circulated and filled out.


Bonnie Schults has checked with several members who had not attended in a while. Evelyn Glasgow is not getting out as her mobility is challenged. Kathaleen Winkleman was too tired to attend after a knee replacement. Mary Shoaff has been in pain but one shot has worked. Bonnie did speak with Susan Hawaii, too. Tara Hettinger has been dealing with illness in the family, and Betty Shahan lost her brother last night.


Mary Magruder had scheduled a Quilt ‘Til U Wilt for February 18; however that is the same day as Project Linus at the Moose Lodge, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., with lunch provided On a motion by Linda Kowalski , and a second by Sarah Spearman, it was decided to support Project Linus and have the next Quilt ‘Til U Wilt on March 18, as scheduled. Renae Farnsworth reported she had contacted several places to donate “child print” pillowcases made by various groups & people. Some places were concerned about suffocation and refused them, but the Ronald McDonald House in Columbia, will appreciate them!

Andrea read a thank you note from Hospice for the donation in memory of Charlie Beach. Katie Fine thanked the Guild for the gift of fat quarters following their fire. She posted pictures on Facebook of quilts made from donated shirts they could not wear and from the fat quarter fabrics collected at our meeting.


Fancy chocolates and mints were passed around.


Jana Russon was introduced. She is writing a book with pictures of the quilts damaged and/or lost in the fire at the Kirksville Art Center and had a composite to show. She wants pictures and stories from those in the Guild whose quilts were lost and/or damaged. The books will be for sale for approximately $34.00 each, and she will give all proceeds to the Kirksville Arts Council. She needs a proofreader for this project and Elsie Gaber volunteered to do that.

Thanks were expressed to the Christmas Party Committee for the lovely evening. Pat Kurtzeman and Rose Marie Smith took food from the Christmas Party to the Helping Hand Mission and the Kirksville Food Bank. The Food Bank reported they gave food to 400 families (approximately 1,600 people) in 2016.


There is nothing new to report.


With a show of hands, at least 20-30 people are interested. The Committee will set a day and surprise us with the program/topic.


The Committee will meet soon. The theme chosen for the 2017 Quilt Show is “Old Friends.”

Guests were given a 4” template.

The drawing for February is “Let’s Go Stripping!” For those who wish to participate, bring one set of five (5) 2 ½” strips (or more sets) to the meeting. For each set of five (5) strips you bring, you can enter your name into a drawing. After the meeting is over but before the program begins, a name will be drawn from those who participated. That person wins all that were brought in!

REMEMBER!!! If you have items you cannot or will not use, they can brought to the meeting and placed on the table. If you want an item or items, your free will donation in the basket provided will go toward Guild projects.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Kathy East, Secretary


2016 December Christmas Party and Show & Tell

A fabulous time was had by all of those attending the Hands of Friendship Annual Christmas party. Check out the fun we had as we played “Strip Poker”using the Left/Right/Center rules. IMG_7585We used 2 1/2″ strips of fabric for “money” and screams of laughter could be heard from around the room as fabric was won and lost with the roll of the die.

Donations were taken for the Food Pantry and for Katy Fine Newman, a fellow quilter, who lost her home in a recent fire. Members filled a basket to overflowing of fabric and supplies for her. All fabric strips from the game were given to Katy, too.

A big “thank you” to the committee who put the party together and did the wonderful decorating. And thanks to Randy Smith for the beautiful music. The catered meal was awesome, too!

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