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2017 — HOF QUILT SHOW — June 2-3

It was another fantastic Quilt Show! It’s amazing to see what we can pack into two short days.

Over 130 beautiful quilts were entered into 12 categories. The lucky winner of our 2017 Raffle Quilt was Mary Magruder of Kirksville (see photo below). Throughout the weekend we held 5 special events: 2 book-signings, a Quilts of Valor presentation for our veterans, our annual Bed Turning, and a tribute to Charlie Beach who was instrumental in our quilt shows over the past 32 years. We also had a corner where we shared some of the Community Service work we have done and also a sit and sew corner where members worked on Veterans quilts.


2017 HOF Raffle Quilt was won by Mary Magruder.

The winners are listed below by category. I know you will enjoy them! (Click on the photo to enlarge.)

100’s – Small Art Quilts:

  • #1  Alice Allinson (The Dress)
  • #2  Andrea O’Brien (Little Butterflies)
  • #3  Meredith Willcox (Scotch on the Rocks)

200’s – Large Art Quilts:

  • #1  Anna Ruby (A new Look Dresden)
  • #2  Susan Chidester (Window Flowers)
  • #3  Di Zook (Dan Day’s Quilt of Valor)

300’s – Baby/Youth Quilts:

  • #1  Carol Cunningham (Critter Caboodle)
  • #2  Diane Bloskovich (Greyson Sails)
  • #3  Kay Beach (Adrianna’s Quilt)

400’s – Youth Quilter:

  • #1  Haleigh Berrey (Bargello)
  • #2  Makenzie Couch (Light Festival)
  • #3  Laney Magruder (Wild Horses in the Wild)

500’s – Hand Quilted:

  • #1  Bonnie Schultz (Good Night, Irene!)
  • #2  Bonnie Schultz (Home)
  • #3  Carol Cunningham (Mom’s Quilt)

600’s – Machine Quilted–Computer Guided:

  • #1  Karen Farnsworth (Irish Chain)
  • #2  Andrea O’Brien (Starflower Revised)
  • #3  Janelle Stephens (Fr. Paul’s Cross)

700’s – Machine Quilted–Free Hand (82″):

  • #1  Rose Marie Smith (Abloom)
  • #2  Katy Kitchen (Canning Season)
  • #3  Mary Magruder (Playing with Jacks)

800’s – Machine Quilted–Free Hand (82″+):

  • #1  Alice Allinson (Lotus)
  • #2  Meredith Willcox (Starflower)
  • #3 Gyla Elmore (Fantasy Fabs—Carpenter’s Star)

900’s – Machine Quilted–Mixed Technique:

  • #1  Katy Kitchen (Hazel Meets Elvis)
  • #2  Cindy Spearman (Hazel’s Diary)
  • #3  Meredith Willcox (All Seasons)

1000’s – 2016 Guild Challenge:

  • #1  Shelly Pagliai (Hole-y Barn Doors)
  • #2  Andrea O’Brien (Butterfly Garden)
  • #3  Mary Magruder (A Hero’s Tribute)

1100’s – Old Made New:

  • #1  Amanda Moots (Nora’s Grandmother’s Flower Garden)
  • #2  Melba Bowen (Grandmother’s Flower Garden)
  • #3 Melba Bowen (Pink Periwinkle)

1200’s – Antique:

  • #1  Carol Cunningham (9 Patch)
  • #2  Kathaleen Winkleman (Flower Garden)
  • #3  Barb Bevell (Miss Ann)

Here are a few of the other winners, pictured with their quilts.


Special Events:

1. Shelly Pagliai and her book, “A Simple Life”:


2. Jana Russon and her book about the Arts Council Fire:


3. Quilts of Valor, Veteran’s Presentation:

4. Special Tribute: Charlie Beach:

5. Our Annual Bed Turning:

6. Community Service corner:

Other Photos from the quilt show:


2017 — MAY SHOW & TELL

What lovely quilts were on display at the May meeting. Everyone’s gearing up for the quilt show next month!


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At the April 19 meeting we had lots of beautiful show and tell. Enjoy!


Our program this month was on Barn Quilts. We had two guest speakers, Dr. Joanie Bramon and Sarah Saltmarsh. Each approached their barn paintings a bit differently.

Joanie tries to find out five favorite colors of the intended recipient and then creates a design. She began painting them on 5/8” exterior plywood but after doing an 8’ one, decided that was too heavy. Now, she uses an aluminum composite board and 2 layers of Benjamin Moore acrylic paints (because her relative was a Benjamin Moore dealer). She also uses felt pieces to recreate her painted blocks.

Sarah picks out 5 colors and designs her creations. She uses 5/8” exterior plywood and Sherwin-Williams paints (because her father was a Sherwin-Williams dealer). She used two base coats. She also provided a couple of magazine articles for us to enjoy, as well.

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