This is the Newsletter of the Hands of Friendship Quilt Guild of Kirksville, Missouri.

The Program, called “Cake Mixes, Canoes, Spider Webs and Paper on a Roll”, was presented byRose Marie Smith, Kay Beach, Pat Kurtzeman, and Diane Jarvis.

For paper piecing newspaper or sheets of paper can be used to make a crossed canoes pattern.  This has two downfalls:  the paper needs to be removed, and there are lots of scraps.

The log cabin is the most fabric economic pattern.  “Homeward Flight” was made many years ago.

Spider web quilt uses copy paper.  The blocks are 8” square.  This design uses a template and scraps.  Four blocks equal the web.  Hints for paper piecing:  shorten stitch length, use newsprint (Dick Blick is a source to purchase a ream), and a tracing wheel could be useful to perforate the paper.

Cupcake mixes use charms; cake mixes use a layer cake.  The cupcake kit comes with 42 sheets; sew on the dotted lines, and cut on the solid lines.

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