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2019 Hands of Friendship Quilt Show — Behind the Scenes

So much goes into putting on a quilt show. From checking in the quilts on Friday morning to checking out the quilts on Saturday afternoon, there are many things behind the scenes that need to be done. It takes a team of people to put on the show.

First, the quilts are checked in and sorted into divisions and tagged. At the same time the quilts are being checked in, the vendor spaces and the layout of the show floor are being marked. The framework that hold the quilts is then constructed and the background fabric hung. Hangers get clipped onto the quilts and the quilts are hung by category. Quilts must be adjusted, and readjusted, then the stories pinned on.

Next, the vendors begin to assemble their booths and bring in their precious wares. The Bed Turning display begins to take shape and background quilts are hung and the bed is “made”.

The demonstration area is set up and readied. Signs are put out around town and inside the building. “Nana’s Second Thoughts” is unpacked and prepared, and everything on the show floor is checked over to make sure it is ready to go.

The raffle quilt area and welcome tables are also readied. The kitchen crew is busy gathering food and preparing to feed the workers and vendors. And last-minute touches are made on the Veterans display and the pop-up quilt show on the lawn .

Below are some of the pictures that were taken as the show was set up and shortly after everything was taken down. You’ll also see some of the vendors’ booths and the Bed Turning. The pop-up quilt show is in another post.

2019 Hands of Friendship Quilt Show — Pop-Up Quilt Show

What’s a “Pop-Up Quilt Show”, you ask? Well, it’s a quilt show that is totally unexpected.

We gathered up quite a few double-knit quilts from members and friends and lined the walkway with colorful fun! So unexpected!! Guests and members loved the display. It was a cheerful, happy way to bring guests into the building. And when the weather looked like rain, we brought them inside and covered the tables with them.

It was a fun way to start the show!

2019 Hands of Friendship Quilt Show — Winners by Category

What a wonderful quilt show this year! We had 144 entries in 14 divisions. Beauty surrounded all who entered the building. One couldn’t help smile as they passed the pop-up Double Knit quilt show on the lawn, or stared in awe at the Veteran’s quilts hung with pride. The gorgeous raffle quilt then ushered the guests into the venue, where they were greeted by the beautiful bed turning display. Vendors and demos surrounded the show floor. Guests hardly knew what to look at first!

Each year the quality of the quilting and the variety of the patterns improves. This year was no exception! All of the quilts were a labor of love. The decision of Viewer’s Choice in each category was a difficult one.

We’ve put together several slide shows of the entire quilt show. This post contains all of the winners by category with a photo of each, along with their stories.

Subsequent posts will show all of the quilts and their stories, the Veterans presentation, the bed turning, vendors, and demos. We hope you enjoy the show!

Winners by Category:

1100’s — Miniatures:

  • 1st — 1107 — Barb Roberts
  • 2nd — 1101 — Barb Bevell
  • 3rd — 1104 — Barb Roberts

1200’s — Small Wall Hanging:

  • 1st — 1202 — Barb Bevell
  • 2nd — 1208 — Susan Guffey
  • 3rd — 1206 — Debra Freese

1300’s — Large Wall Hanging:

  • 1st — 1313 — April Bartlett
  • 2nd — 1307 — Barb Bevell
  • 3rd — 1303 — Debra Freese

1400’s — Baby/Youth:

  • 1st — 1402 — April Bartlett
  • 2nd — 1401 — Kay Beach
  • 3rd — 1404 — Kathy Krog

1500’s — Youth:

  • 1st — 1503 — Laney Magruder
  • 2nd — 1505 — Macy Nunan
  • 34d — 1504 — Brooke Ivy

1600’s — Hand Quilted:

  • 1st — 1609 — Gina Moran
  • 2nd — 1610 — Kathy Hatfield
  • 3rd — 1603 — Debra Freese

1700’s — Machine Quilted, Computer Guided (up to 70″):

  • 1st — 1710 — Susan Chidester
  • 2nd — 1711 — Carol Berrey
  • 3rd –1706 — Susan Chidester

1800’s — Machine Quilted, Computer Guided (71″-82″):

  • 1st — 1807 — Cathy Poyner
  • 2nd — 1804 — Susan Chidester
  • 3rd — 1803 — Sherry Calloway

1900’s — Machine Quilted, Computer Guided (> 83″):

  • 1st — 1903 — Marsha Yahl
  • 2nd — 1907 — George Hess
  • 3rd — 1905 — Bonnie Niebruegge

2000’s — Machine Quilted, Hand Guided (up to 70″):

  • 1st — 2014 — Alice Allinson
  • 2nd — 2019 — Kathy Krog
  • 3rd — 2003 — Joan Harrison

2100’s — Machine Quilted, Hand Guided (71″-82″):

  • 1st — 2101 — Alice Allinson
  • 2nd — 2107 — Barb Bevell
  • 3rd — 2110 — Shelly Pagliai

2200’s — Machine Quilted, Hand Guided (>83″):

  • 1st — 2209 — George Hess
  • 2nd — 2203 — Shelly Pagliai
  • 3rd — 2210 — Linda Kowalski

2300 — 2018 Guild Challenge (Log Cabin with Birthstone Center):

  • 1st — 2302 — Barb Roberts
  • 2nd — 2303 — Meredith Willcox
  • 34d — 2313 — Rose Marie Smith

2400’s — Vintage:

  • 1st –2403 — Bonnie Niebruegge
  • 2nd — 2401 — Barb Bevell
  • 3rd — 2402 — Carol Cunningham

All quilts and their stories:

Nana’s Second Thoughts is Collecting

A message from Barb Roberts:
Just FYI, since I was unable to announce this at the January meeting, I’m doing it here!
I will be bringing a plastic tote to begin collecting for “Nana’s Second Thoughts” at the February meeting. If you have been setting aside items for Nana’s, now is the time to clear that space and let me store it for you. If you have fabric to donate, sooner is better for my committee. It will allow us more time to prepare and package it for resale.

2018 HOF Quilt Show

The 33rd Annual Quilt Show of the Hands of Friendship Quilt Guild was held at the William Matthew Middle School in Kirksville, Missouri, on June 1 and 2nd, 2018. Over 140 quilts were on display. Viewer’s Choice awards were given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each of 12 categories.

The theme of this year’s show was “Pass the Traditions… to Future Generations”. It’s so important that we pass the quilting traditions on to future generations. Part of the Community Service work the guild did earlier in the year was to help Kirksville area Girl Scouts.  Scouts learned about quilting and how to construct a block. Those blocks were on display at the show.

Other special displays included the Community Service corner with Beads of Courage bags, the raffle quilt, our annual Bed Turning, a display to honor Kathy and Stan East, and a display to honor Kimberlynn Bartlett. The highlight of the show was the Veteran’s presentation which honored five local area Veterans with special quilts made by several guild members.

In addition to all that excitement, there were over 12 vendors in attendance, providing a variety of quilting-related goodies for all. New this year, was “Nana’s Second Thoughts”, a booth with lots of unusual items for sale. These new and gently used items were donated by members throughout the year and beautifully packaged for resale.

After awards were presented, the 2018 raffle quilt winner was drawn. Andrea O’Brien was the lucky winner!


Please enjoy the photos, shown below.

  • Winning quilts, shown by Category.
  • Veterans presentation
  • Quilt show preparation, vendors, Girl Scouts, Beads of Courage
  • Tribute to Kathy and Stan East
  • Tribute to Kimberlynn Bartlett
  • Every quilt, listed by category, with a photo of the quilt and a photo of its description.

The 2018 Viewer’s Choice Awards went to the following quilts:

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Veterans Presentation:

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Quilt Show Preparation, Vendors, Girl Scout Sewing, Beads of Courage:

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Kathy and Stan East tribute:

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Tribute to Kimberlynn Bartlett:

2018 Exhibited Quilts:

100’s: Small Art Quilts/Wall Hangings/All Techniques (Up to 36″ Wide):

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200’s: Large Art Quilts/Wall Hangings/All Techniques (Over 36″ Wide):

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300’s: Baby/Youth Themed Quilts:

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400’s: Youth Quilter (Made by Quilter Age 17 and Under):

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500’s: Hand Quilted:

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600’s: Machine Quilted, Computer Guided:

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700’s: Machine Quilted, Free Hand, Up to 82″ Wide:

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800’s: Machine Quilted, Free Hand, Over 82″ Wide:

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900’s: Machine Quilted, Mixed Technique:

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1000’s: Hands of Friendship 2017 Guild Challenge Quilt (“Curved Piecing”):

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1100’s: Old Quilt Made New (Quilt begun over 25 years ago, finished last year):

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1200’s: Antique (Quilt age at Least 50 Years):

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2018 HOF Quilt Show Work Schedule as of 5/29/18

Here’s the most recent Quilt Show Work Schedule, just in case you forgot when you were supposed to work!

Questions? Call Diane Bloskovich.

2018 HOF ShowWORK Schedule

2018 — Hands of Friendship Quilt Guild 33rd Annual Quilt Show

The Hands of Friendship Quilt Guild will be having their 33rd annual show on Friday, June 1st from 3-7 PM and Saturday, June 2nd from 9-4 PM at the William Matthew Middle School at 1515 S. Cottage Grove in Kirksville, Missouri.

  • “Pass the Traditions to Quilters of the Future”
  • Over 140 quilts
  • Vendors
  • Raffle Quilt
  • Community Service Displays
  • Old-fashioned Bed Turning
  • Quilts of Valor presentation to honor local veterans for their service to our country

Put this on your calendar and join us for this wonderful event!


The 31st Annual HOF Quilt Show

The 31st Annual HOF Quilt Show was held June 3 – 4, 2016 at its new location, the William Matthew Middle School, in Kirksville, Missouri. Over 150 quilts were displayed to the delight of attendees. Eleven vendors surrounded the quilt show, offering a variety of items for sale, from fabric to wooden treasure boxes. A “Vendor Shop Hop” was a new addition this year, allowing attendees the opportunity to get their “passport” signed at each vendor in hopes of winning a HUGE basket of items donated by each vendor. This year’s winner was Marsha Redmon.

The Raffle Quilt Committee outdid itself once again with the beautiful blue and white paper pieced medallion quilt. Andrea O’Brien was this year’s lucky winner of that gorgeous quilt!

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Everyone enjoyed the Historical Bed Turning, the Community Service Corner, the demonstrations, and the “Sit and Sew for Veterans” area.

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A happy and unexpected moment happened when Glee Hanson and her sister, Joy, came to the show. Glee was one of the charter members of the Hands of Friendship Quilt Guild in 1985. She and Kay Beach are the only charter members in attendance. Glee brought a quilt from 1992 that all HOF Guild members had signed for her. Several of those members were there and came together for pictures.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The setup began bright and early. Lots to do this first year at the new location. Some ideas worked like clockwork, other things needed adjustment, but all-in-all, it was a great show. Check out the photos of setup, vendor booths, and other things.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are the winners from each category for this year’s show. Congratulations to all.

100 Category: Small Art Quilts/Wall Hangings/All Techniques (up to 36″ wide)

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200 Category: Large Art Quilts/Wall Hangings/All Techniques (over 36″ wide)

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300 Category: Baby/Youth Themed Quilts

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400 Category: Youth Quilter (Made by Quilter Aged 17 and Under)

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500 Category: First Time Entry into Any Quilt Show

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600 Category: Hand Quilted

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700 Category: Machine Quilted–Computer Guided

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800 Category: Machine Quilted–Free Hand (Up to 82″ Wide)

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900 Category: Machine Quilted–Free Hand (Over 82″ Wide)

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1000 Category: Machine Quilted–Mixed Technique (Applique, embellishments, embroidery, etc.)

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1100 Category: Old Quilt Made New (Elements are at least 25 years old, but finished within the last year)

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1200 Category: Antique Quilt (Quilt age is at least 50 years old)

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And the last slide show is a compilation of photos from this year’s show. We tried to get a photo of every quilt and their description. We missed a few, so if we missed yours and you have a photo of it, please email us and we’ll add it in! Sit back and enjoy the quilts. There are around 300 pictures to view! (Thanks to Susan Bell, Barb Bevell, Bonnie Schultz, and Brooke Ivy for the photos.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


2016 HOF Quilt Show is Almost Here!

The clock is ticking… The last of the show plans are being wrapped up. It’s time to show off all of our hard work.

The Hands of Friendship Quilt Guild’s 31st annual quilt show will be held June 3rd and 4th at its NEW location and time, the William Matthew Middle School, 1515 Cottage Grove Avenue, Kirksville, Missouri.

For a small, $3.00 donation, you’ll have a full day of fun. Not only will there be over 100 beautiful quilts to admire, you’ll have a chance to win our gorgeous raffle quilt! Our own, Shelly Pagliai, will be there each day to sign her newest book, “A Simple Life”.

There is so much else to see and do, too. You can attend the hourly Vendor Spotlights; enjoy our hand/machine work demonstrations; sit and enjoy the Bed-Turnings; check out our Community Service Corner; spend a little time sewing at our “Sit and Sew for Vets” table; and visit our vendors and participate in the vendor “shop-hop”! And of course, there will be chances to win prizes!!

Join us!

  • Friday, June 3 (2:00-8:00 pm)
  • Saturday, June 4 (9:00 am-4:00 pm)
  • William Matthew Middle School, 1515 Cottage Grove Avenue, Kirksville, Missouri
  • Over 100 Beautiful Quilts
  • Raffle quilt (tickets $1.00 each or 6/$5.00)
  • Book signing, “A Simple Life”, by Shelly Pagliai
  • Demonstrations featuring handwork and machine work
  • Bed-Turnings
  • Community Service Corner
  • “Sit and Sew for Vets”
  • Vendors
  • Vendor “Shop Hop”
  • Prizes!!
  • Entrance $3.00 donation

2016 HOF Quilt show flyer is the link to a downloadable pdf of the flyer.

Isn’t our raffle quilt beautiful?

Tickets are available from any guild member and at the Quilt Show.

($1.00 each or 6 for $5.00)

2015 Hands of Friendship Quilt Show Was Huge Success!

The 30th annual Hands of Friendship Quilt Show is now in the record books. What a wonderful event it was! The show was held at the YMCA in Kirksville, Missouri, on May 29 and 30.

So many exciting things happened!! There were over 100 beautiful quilts on display, from small art quilts to large bed quilts. Four Bed Turnings were held throughout the show and each were standing room only. Demonstrations on hand quilting and machine piecing were going on most of the time during the two-day event, as well. Community Service displays of the Veterans Quilts and Project Linus quilts were among the highlights of the show. Seven vendors from Iowa and Missouri were in represented and lots of shopping was taking place.

We saw many new faces in the crowd. Some had traveled quite a distance to attend. And several attendees expressed desire to become members! I think a good time was had by all.

After several days of uploading, editing, tagging, and proofing, the photos are ready to share. Below are slide shows of all of the winners of each category, the 2015 Raffle Quilt winner, photos of every quilt that was on display, and random pictures of the show itself. We hope you enjoy these photos as much as we enjoyed seeing them in person.

(If you have additional photos to share, please email and let us know.)

If you want a copy of the Show Book, you may download it here: 2015 Quilt Show Entries

If you would like to see a list of winners, you may download it here:  2015 Quilt Show Winners

Presenting the winners from each division:

Small Art Quilts/Wall Hangings/All Techniques (up to 36″ wide):

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Large Art Quilts/Wall Hangings/All Techniques (over 36″ wide):

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Baby/Youth Themed Quilts:

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Youth Quilter (made by quilters under age 18):

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Hand Quilted:

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Machine Quilted/Computer Guided (up to 82″wide):

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Machine Quilted/Hand Guided (up to 82″wide):

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Machine Quilted/Hand Guided (over 82″wide):

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Machine Quilted/Mixed Technique:

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2014 Quilt Guild Challenge, 9-Patch in a Star (Members only):

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Antique (quilt age at least 50 years):

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2015 Raffle Quilt Winner: 

Our own, Barb Bevell was the lucky winner of the 2015 Raffle Quilt.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s what Barb had to say:

“I had been visiting with Shelly at her booth at the back of the YMCA when my son called to talk. As I talked to him, I headed back toward the demonstration area to put away my purchases. I heard people yelling my name and I didn’t know why. It got so loud and insistent, that I had to tell my son I’d have to call him back. Kay kept telling me, “you won”. My first reaction was that I won a ribbon in a category. I think I looked at her funny, because I didn’t know why she made such a fuss over winning a category ribbon. Then she told me I won the raffle quilt. I really thought Kay was kidding me until I looked around and saw that everyone else was smiling, too. Boy did it take a few minutes for it to sink in. I had no idea that they were drawing for the raffle quilt, much less that my name had been drawn. What a wonderful surprise! This beautiful quilt is proudly hanging in my home and will be a cherished remembrance of my friends in the guild. Thank you so much. I am truly blessed.”

Photos of each quilt entry: (Roll over the photo to reveal the maker’s name or click on the photo to see a full view)

Photos from the show: (click on the photo to enlarge and see caption)