This is the Newsletter of the Hands of Friendship Quilt Guild of Kirksville, Missouri.


More beautiful completed UFOs were shared this month. You are going to love each one of them!

  • Barb Roberts  
    • Quilt of yellow, red, black, and gray for an engineer; math formulas on the back.
    • Batman quilt of black on gray for son.
    • College t-shirt quilt for daughter.
    • “Sunshine and Twinkle Stars” with purple border and backing.
    • Project #10:  dancing bikinis in fun colors for new daughter-in-law.
  • Kathy Hatfield
    • Quilt of cats with a yellow border.
    • Halloween quilt of pumpkin and cats.
  • Andrea O’Brien
    • Tote bag using leftovers from “seeing spots.”
    • Flannel quilt of turquoise and gray.
  • Gyla Elmore
    • Felt stocking ordered online last year for granddaughter.
  • Susan Chidester
    • Top using a nativity panel.
    • Jelly roll rug of blacks and whites.
    • T-shirt quilt for granddaughter with no stabilizer; bamboo batting.
    • Quilt of retro fabric.
    • Horizontal panel of an autumn tree; “Reflections.”
  • Teddy Cave
    • Quilt of embroidered tea towels done by her mother with blue and white sashing.
  • Linda Kowalski
    • “Gypsy Wife on Steroids;” pattern by Jenny Kingwell; done in black, red, and white; didn’t like the pattern.
  • Shelly Pagliai
    • “Virginia’s Puzzle” on Hazel’s blog (; done in bright colors with white trees on backing.
    • Project #10:  Pineapple on white quilt from a state guild retreat a long time ago.
    • Attended a preview showing of Craft in America (PBS) with Victoria Findlay Wolfe; to be shown December 29th; four of her quilts are featured.
  • Susan Guffey
    • Rail fence quilt of red and blue for a baby.
  • Deb Hudnall
    • “Mystic Prisms” quilt from a kit done in turquoise and purple.
  • Sherry Calloway
    • Flower panel quit.
    • Flower blocks with aqua sashing.
  • Diane Bloskovich
    • Table runner which matches the curtains she made for her son.
  • Deb Freese
    • Pillow done in grays for her son.
    • “Flower Power” quilt done in solid colors for daughter; needle turn applique with freezer paper.
    • Santa panel with red, green, and white blocks; needle turn applique; white dots on red backing.
  • Kay Beach
    • Project #11:  Lavender and lime green blocks with lavender backing; for a friend.
    • Windmill panel for a niece with yellow backing.
    • Cut apart a flower panel; added black sashing; for a niece.
    • Football panel
  • Mary Magruder
    • Project #10:  Robot panel quilt for Linus.
    • Gold, black, and white Mizzou quilt for son’s friend.
  • Barb Bevell
    • Bought a double-knit top at Goodwill in Moberly; added a turquoise flannel backing; for her camper.
  • Alice Allinson
    • New bed quilt using Shelly Pagliai’s pattern “Starflowers;” done in purple, turquoise, and wine.

The October program on Binding Techniques, given by Deb Freese, was full of ideas! Deb shared lots of examples and had carefully noted the type of technique she used on each quilt. She shared articles and instructions, too.

Thank you, Deb, for a great program!

Once again the Show & Tell was fantastic! Loads of beautiful quilts and fun stories were shared. I know you will enjoy each one of them.

  • Beverly Compton
    • #7 project:  quilt for Linus has Mary Engelbreit fabric in large blocks.  Quilted by Brenda Moore.
    • Quilt for Linus done in a variety of large bluish blocks with a blue border.
  • Krista Baker
    • #7 project:  quilt made with squares in a box she got at the Community Mission.  She is donating it to Quilts Beyond Borders.
  • Teddy Caves
    • Quilt top done of pictures and scenery with fusible applique.  “Home is where the heart is.”  Seasonal theme.  Her favorite type of quilt.
  • Kim Sampson
    • Patriotic quilt composed from a jelly roll.  Donated to the veterans committee.
  • Barb Roberts
    • #3 project:  kitties.
  • Susan Guffey
    • Patriotic quilt with white stars on red stripes and blue stripes; probably for her brother-in-law.
  • Elaine Scudder
    • Forty-year-old project with a giant owl applique.
  • Christa Thatcher
    • Kinship fusion sampler quilt; block-of-the-month; has 100 blocks.
  • Liz Mills
    • Project #7:  Linus quilt with turtle fabric.
  • Meredith Willcox
    • “How much is that doggie in the window?”  Dog faces have flowers on their heads.
    • Great-grandson, 14-years-old, designed and made this quilt
    • Quilt of embroidered scenes of kids; sashing composed of small squares; quilted by Joan Harrison.
  • Michaella Peck
    • Was married September 28th; her new name is Gua (pronounced Gwa).
  • Elsie Gaber
    • Project #7:  cat attitude quilt; left it in her car so we didn’t get to see it.
  • Marilyn Peck
    • String quilt for charity.
  • Mary Magruder
    • Project #7: “patches of scraps.”
  • April Bartlett and her mother
    • Tile mosaic done with double-sided adhesive and tulle on the top.
    • Another mosaic: “Home is where God sends us.”
  • Shelly Pagliai – has a quilt in the National Quilt Museum; done with Victoria Findlay Wolfe.  Congratulations, Shelly!
    • Project #7:  Kaffe Fassett pattern “autumn daze;” scrappy back; donated to Community Service.
  • Rose Marie Smith
    • “Seeing spots” quilt; quilted by Andrea O’Brien.
    • Quilt of English paper-pieced blocks; hand pieced and hand quilted.
    • Small quilt of houses; quilted by Andrea O’Brien.
    • UFO quilt; Shelly Pagliai’s pattern “Starflowers” (retreat 2016); gold, rust, and black fabric; quilted by Effie Sickal.

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(Thank you to Alice Allinson for providing the pictures this month.)

Show and Tell:

  • Andrea O’Brien
    • Turned her Neon Dreams project from teaching a class into a twin-size quilt and a small quilt;
    • purple backing; quilted with white thread.
  • Kathaleen Winkleman
    • Vintage orange pansy quilt; bought the flower blocks at Nana’s Second Chance; used orange floral green print sashing.
  • Susan Chidester
    • Block-of-the-month quilt with Civil War fabrics.
  • Sherry Calloway
    • Fall quilt of golds and browns for niece; picture fabric on the back.
    • Sunsets and mountains quilt for sister; wine cork fabric on the back.
  • Elsie Gaber
    • Purchased a Quilt of Valor pattern book at Paducah; quilt of patriotic scraps.
    • “Tied in a knot with my bo” – quilt using forty of Ron’s ties.
  • Krista Baker
    • Quilt of swap shop squares and embroidered blocks.
    • Baby quilt of diamonds with red sashing; quilted by Karen Farnsworth.
  • Deb Freese
    • Completed UFO table runner of Christmas fabrics (her #3); only needed to add the binding to finish it.
  • Liz Mills
    • Quilt for grandson #6 (her #3); used a free pattern from Pat Sloan “Oh my stars.”
  • Scarlett Ragas
    • UFO quilt from 2007 (#6 of her challenges).
  • Teddy Caves
    • Halloween table runner (her #3).
  • Mary Magruder
    • Linus quilt made of blocks and green print sashing (her #3).


The 2018-2019 Challenge this year was “Applique”. Kathaleen Winkleman and Andrea O’Brien gathered the Challenge entries as members entered the building for the meeting.  There were 21 entries.  Entries were paraded around the room; members cast their votes for their favorite quilt.

The winners of the 2018 – 2019 challenge (Applique):  

  • 1st place: Debbie Hudnall; her prize was a layer cake. 
  • 2nd place: Bonnie Niebruegge; her prize was two charm packs.
  • 3rd place: Barb Roberts; her prize was marking pens and an ironing sheet.  

There will be a category in next year’s quilt show where challenge pieces can be submitted.

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Rose Marie Smith gave a wonderful presentation on the history of Kaffe Fassett (his name rhymes with ‘safe asset’). She shared all of the quilts she made while following his career.  

Kaffe is an American-born artist who is best known for his colorful designs in the decorative arts—needlepoint, patchwork, knitting, painting, and ceramics. Kaffe is the author of more than 40 books, starting in 1997. Rose Marie shared a large number of her collection of his books for us to look through.

Thank you, Rose Marie, for sharing your love of Kaffe and inspiring us with your many colorful quilts.