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Minutes from the September 2015 HOF Guild Meeting

Use this link to download and print a copy of our September 2015 minutes.


SEPTEMBER 16, 2015

The Hands of Friendship Quilt Guild met in the 1st Floor meeting room at the First Methodist Church, Kirksville, on September 16, 2015. As the members/friends gathered, Elsie Gaber handed out name tags. This is an effort to have each “oldster” become acquainted with at least one of the “newcomers.” There was also a square of fabric at each place, this being the second fabric we have received. We will be instructed at a later time what to do with these fabrics.

President Di Zook called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m. Visitors welcomed were Lucia Pink and Sandy Catlett. Roll Call was answered by 42 members, revealing their place of birth as the fun question to answer. Many were born in the Kirksville area, but a number of states were represented.

President Di Zook announced the September birthdays.

The minutes were approved as sent out via email and the postal service. Treasurer Joan Harrison presented the Treasurer’s report and called to our attention the money paid to date to cover the costs of the Bonnie Hunter event. She also reminded everyone that dues are now due and payable.



Linda Pickett announced that Bonnie Hunter is in town and several of their committee had supper with her tonight. She is tired from her trip and there was an airplane snafu of some sort, which made her arrival later than planned. She was not at our meeting due to a deadline for her publisher. Security for Thursday and Friday nights will be provided by the son of Diane Bloskovich.

The Thursday class (September 17) will be “Playing with Jacks”, beginning at 2:00 p.m. and finishing at 6:00 p.m. Our members are to park on the west side of the building. The Friday class (September 18) will be “Jared Takes a Wife”, beginning at 9:00 a.m. and finishing at 4:00 p.m., with lunch at 12:30. There will be a buffet available at a cost of $10.00. There are some small restaurants available if you do not wish to take advantage of the buffet. Friday evening, the Trunk Show will begin at 7:00 p.m. Non-members will pay $10.00 at the door and members will “pay” with a dozen cookies for the fellowship that follows.

Six people are needed to “hold” Bonnie Hunter’s quilts at the Trunk Show. Volunteering were Rose Marie Smith, Andrea O’Brien, Di Zook, and Nancy Krueger. Folders will be Bonnie Schultz, Debbie Hudnall, and Kathy Krog. Bonnie Hunter quilts made by our members will be shown as “Show and Tell” items at the event. The Committee was thanked for their work in putting this event together.



Some did not receive “swatches” tonight and Elsie will get a swatch to them at the next meeting.

It was announced we will be unable to use the Fellowship Hall at the Methodist Church for the rest of the year. Because our group is quite large (more than 50) and we have outgrown the room used tonight, it was suggested that perhaps we can meet at the Adair County Annex building for the rest of the year. Di Zook will check tomorrow at the Courthouse on that possibility.

Committee reports:


  • Gyla Elmore is having back pain again and she will likely be unable to attend the Bonnie Hunter event.
  • If anyone knows of a member who is ill, please notify Bonnie Schultz or any other member of that committee.


  • Carol Snider reported the committee has not met in a while and will soon in an effort to get caught up.


  • Barb Bevell reported we have paid $99.00 to have unlimited space on our Blog. This will be an annual fee.

Program Committee:

  • Everything is under control.

Quilt Show:

  • The theme for the 2016 Quilt Show will bePiece ‘n Love.”
  • It was suggested that all the members might want to have a tie-dye shirt to wear during the Quilt Show. Andrea O’Brien announced that her husband, John, teaches chemistry at Truman State and one of the projects of his classes is to tie-dye shirts as a fundraiser. If you would want to provide a WHITE 100% cotton t-shirt, they would tie dye it at a cost of $5.00. If you want to buy the t-shirt from them and have it tie-dyed, the cost is $10.00. The money is used for chemicals they use in demonstrations conducted in area school science classes. More information will be given at the October guild meeting.

Guild Shirts:

  • It was announced that if new members would like a denim shirt with our logo on it.
  • Guild pays $15 toward that purchase.
  • Both long sleeve and short sleeve shirts are available.
  • Contact Susan Bell in the near future if you want one (she will be leaving shortly for the winter).

Christmas Party:

  • The committee is planning to get together in the near future.

“Quilt ‘Til U Wilt”:

  • The next “Quilt ‘Til U Wilt” will be Saturday, October 17, 2015, at the Annex, from 9:00 a.m.-?.



  • Rose Marie Smith: 
    1. Veterans’ quilt sent by her sister;
    2. Quilt taken from her UFO pile and hand-quilted by Evelyn Himes;
    3. Quilt hand-quilted by her sister;
  • Beverly Compton: 
    1. Geometric table mat;
    2. Butterfly table mat;
  • April Bartlett: 
    1. Lap quilt of denim & cotton in cathedral window pattern;
  • Barb Bevell
    1. She had a “tell.”: Completed quilt in cathedral window pattern with blue jeans;
  • Kay Beach:
    1. “Frogs” quilt for 5 year old great-grandchild;
    2. Embroidered quilt, entered in Knox County Quilt Show & received a blue ribbon;
  • Alice Allinson:
    1. Blue and yellow quilt;
  • Susan Guffey:
    1. Veteran’s quilt given to Renae;
  • Meredith Willcox:   
    1. Embroidered “orphan block” and finished it as a table topper;
    2. Embroidered table topper;
    3. Blue/yellow afghan;
    4. Halloween panel for the door;
    5. Table runner with iris flowers;
    6. 50 neck pillows for the Dialysis Clinic.
  • Carol Snider:
    1. Quilt made for a friend from her deceased husband’s t-shirts;
  • Stephanie Hettinger:
    1. Baby quilt made for a new baby boy to be born in November;
  • Mary Shoaff:
    1. Pieced 1 ½” squares cut by her mother and made into “mug rugs”;
    2. “Twister” wall hanging;
  • Cindy Spearman:
    1. “Row by Row” quilt made from fabrics purchased on Shop Hops (won the prize at Sew Sweet)
    2. “Scrappy Trips”;
  • Kathy East:
    1. Two veteran’s quilt tops made by Kathy, designed & tied by husband, Stan, which will be given away by next meeting;
  • Elsie Gaber:
    1. Quilt made from men’s ties;
  • Diane Jarvis:
    1. She had a “tell.”: She was testing the speakers on our new system & their dog, Homer, was checking out the speaker. When she said his name, he jumped back like he’d been shot, she decided they worked fine!
  • Di Zook:
    1. ????



The 2015 Challenge Quilts were brought, laid out in another room, and judged by all in attendance:

The winners and recipients of a gift certificate from the local quilt shops were:

1st place –a tie:

  • Mary Magruder, “Pineapple Blossom,” (entry #5)
  • Andrea O’Brien, “Scrappy Mountains;” (entry #12)

3rd place – a tie:

  • Di Zook, “Boxy Stars; and (entry #4)
  • Marsha Yahl, Scrappy Mountains” (entry #7)

Other participants:

  • Marilyn Peck, “Strip Twist” (entry #1)
  • Barb Bevell, “Scrappy Mountains” (entry #2)
  • Cathy Poyner, “Pineapple Blossom” (entry#3)
  • Susan Bell, “Pineapple Blossom” (entry #6)
  • Joan Harrison, “Boxy Stars” (entry #8)
  • Susan Guffey, “Pineapple Blossom” (entry #9)
  • Cindy Spearman, “Boxy Stars” (entry #10)
  • Peggy Clark, “Scrappy Mountains” (entry #11)
  • Celia Riggle, “Scrappy Mountains” (entry #13)

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy East, Secretary


Minutes from the August 2015 HOF Guild Meeting

Use this link to download and print a copy of our August 2015 Minutes.


AUGUST 19, 2015

The Hands of Friendship Quilt Guild met in the Fellowship Hall at the First Methodist Church, Kirksville, on July 19, 2015. As the members/friends gathered, Elsie Gaber handed out name tags which corresponded to the “colors” on each table. With many newer members, this is an effort to have everyone know each other better. Each table contained a number & color with small fabric pieces corresponding to that color and attendees were to take them home. We will be instructed at a later time what to do with these fabrics.

President Di Zook called the meeting to order at 6:32 p.m. Linda Pickett introduced Kathy Reick from the Kirksville Art Center. Ms. Reick requested that the Guild members display 15-18 of our quilts in the Art Center. They will receive them on both November 1 and 2, and then display them through the end of December. Interest was expressed and we agreed to do this. They will have a reception for the Guild members on November 19. The quilts do NOT have to have a Christmas theme. Her phone number is 216-0337 (cell) or 665-6333 if anyone wants to talk to her about this.

President Di Zook announced the August birthdays and several visitors were introduced:  Tara Hettinger, April Bartlett, Lois Powell, and Beverly Compton. Some of them paid dues later that evening in order to become members. Brenda Moore was introduced, also—she had paid dues at the 2015 Quilt Show  Roll Call was answered by 38 members and 4 visitors with “My  Favorite Color.”  (Blue and purple were the overall favorites.)

The minutes were approved as sent out via email and the postal service.  Some have not been receiving their emails and we will try to straighten that out. Treasurer Joan Harrison presented the Treasurer’s report and reminded everyone that dues are now due and payable.


A list of the various committees was circulated and we were reminded that EVERYONE needs to be on at least one committee.

Bonnie Hunter Retreat:

Linda Pickett gave a detailed report on the expenses for the upcoming retreat, September 18, 19, and 20, 2015, totaling $4,800.80.

Items included:

  • Airfare;
  • 1/3 of the mileage for a rental vehicle, estimated;
  • One ½ day Workshop
  • Two full-day workshops;
  • Trunk Show;
  • Plus $35. for each registrant over 24;
  • Building rental

TOTAL:  $4,800.80

Additional expenses: $200 Security for Thursday & Friday nights, making a Total of $5,000.00.

They also plan to have bottled water and donuts on both Friday and Saturday and a buffet luncheon will be served on both Friday and Saturday at a cost of $10.00 per person.

There will be three (3) ironing stations set up—DO NOT BRING YOUR OWN IRON!! There will also be cutting stations set up. If you wish to bring your own cutting board, it MUST be a small one. Two attendees will be seated on each side at long banquet tables, so there won’t be a tremendous amount of room.

There are 4 openings on Thursday, September 17, and 4 openings on Saturday, September 19, due to some cancellations. It is hoped we can fill these vacancies because the registrations have been refunded to those who cannot now attend.

Diane Bloskovich and Andrea O’Brien will both check with their sons to see if one of them would want to provide Security on Thursday and/or Friday nights.

Kay Beach announced that gift certificates will be given away from both Quilted Square and Wildflower Quilting. Nine gift bags with quilty/sewing items and 10 table runners have been made by the committee as additional door prizes.

Purchase of a Sound System:

There was a discussion about the purchase of a sound system from “,” including a microphone, microphone stand and case, and possibly wireless microphone.  This would be a “Mackie” brand. Barb Bevell works with these systems all the time and said the Mackie brand is good. It was pointed out that we could utilize the microphone system for the Quilt Show, as well. (We have been borrowing a microphone system from the Rotary for use at the Quilt Show.)  After discussion, Pat Kurtzeman made a motion, second by Rose Marie Smith, to purchase a sound system, including a wireless microphone, hand-held microphone, and remote with a spending limit of $1,000. The motion carried unanimously. Diane Jarvis will be assisted by Barb Bevell as to order what is needed.

2016 Quilt Show:

It was announced that Kirksville R-III has offered one of their schools for our 2016 Quilt Show and it will be free! Many felt the Junior High would be ideal. The gymnasium is larger than the gym at the YMCA, and we will have access to the commons area and the Home Economics room. Also, we will be able to get into the building much earlier. This would give us more room for vendors, more space for quilts, and the gymnasium floor will be protected by the school, so we won’t need to be quite as careful. It has been penciled in for the first full weekend in June (3 & 4), 2016, and this was agreeable with everyone. Elsie Gaber made a motion that we go to the Junior High for the 2016 Quilt Show on June 3 & 4, 2016, seconded by Bonnie Schultz, and a unanimous vote.

UFO Challenge:

Elsie Gaber and Barb Bevell are on the Fun and Games Committee and in charge of the UFO Challenge (not to be confused with the 2015-2016 Guild Challenge). Everyone in attendance was asked to fill out a Challenge paper and encouraged to complete at least one project on the paper during the year.


 A paper was circulated to sign up for the quilts to be displayed at the Kirksville Art Center.



Renae Farnsworth requested that anyone who has a veteran’s quilt give it to her before the next meeting.


It will be Saturday, August 22, 2015, beginning at 9 a.m. in the Adair County Annex.  Everyone is free to come and go as time allows.  We will have a carry-in lunch or you can “brown bag” it, if you prefer.  It is a good opportunity to get to know others in the Quilt Guild and we hope some of our new members will attend!


The reveal of Bonnie Hunter quilts will be at the September 16, 2015, meeting.  The new Challenge Project will be presented at the October 21, 2015, meeting, to be completed by the September 2016 meeting.


  • Nancy Krueger
  1. “Grand Illusion,” a Bonnie Hunter quilt
  • Cathy Poyner
  1. “Four Square Dance,” a mystery quilt
  • Barb Bevell
  1. “Cathedral Window,” a rag quilt she made from denim circles, to be used as a picnic quilt.
  • Kathy Krog
  1. “Solitary Confinement,”
  2. An Irish Chain pattern using Shelly Pagliai’s hand-dyed fabrics
  3. “Strippers Delight,” one of Shelly Pagliai’s pattern.
  • Shelly Pagliai
  1. Leather quilt bag given to her by Scott for her birthday
  2. “French Country Sampler” Her new design for the Quilt Club’s Block of the Month for Sew Sweet Quilt Shop
  • Kim Sampson
  1. A quilt made by her 9-year-old grandson. He made two of them for twin babies expected soon.
  • Kay Beach
  1. A Veteran’s quilt.
  • Elsie Gaber
  1. “Macaroni & Cheese,” the 2004 Crayon Challenge quilt
  2. Bear quilt made in 2011 for Ron Gaber.
  • Mary Shoaff
  1. “Twister;”
  2. A Christmas wall hanging
  • Bonnie Schultz
  1. A cat quilt made for her 2 yr. old granddaughter
  2. Black/white quilt made from sale fabrics
  3. Denim quilt for granddaughter made with squares precut by a lady from Hurdland
  • Liz Mills
  1. A fabric book for grandbaby #3, born August 6
  •  Rose Marie Smith
  1. Quilt from magazine that was called “Prairie Stars”, but she named it “Prairie Christmas.”
  • Linda Kowalski
  1. embroidered butterflies quilt
  • Andrea O’Brien
  1. UFO made from scraps;
  2. Quilt for son Zane made from fabric hand-dyed by Andrea & husband John
  3. Tiger Quilt made with hand-dyed fabrics
  4. “Disappearing Hourglass”

Kathy Krog demonstrated  how to make a 10-minute table runner. Instructions can be found on It requires ½ yard fabric for the back and 1/3 yard fabric for the front. Sew down both edges with right sides together. Fold in half back to back and sew a ¼:” seam on each end. Turn it right side out & each end becomes a point.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy East, Secretary

Minutes from the July 2015 HOF Guild Meeting

Use this link to download and print a copy of our July 2015 Minutes.


JULY 15, 2015

The Hands of Friendship Quilt Guild met at 6:30 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall at the First Methodist Church, Kirksville, on July 15, 2015. President Di Zook called the meeting to order and announced the July birthdays. Di distributed name tag labels with the intent of something more permanent to be used in the near future. It was brought to the attention of the Guild Board that with so many “new” faces, many don’t know their names and they may not know all of us “oldsters”. Twenty-seven members answered roll call with “A Childhood Memory.” Mary Shoaff, Green City, was introduced as a visitor and became a member.

The minutes were approved as mailed out via email and the postal service. The Treasurer’s report for June was distributed and approved.  An estimate of the income and expenses for 2015-2016 was also distributed.


Bonnie Hunter Retreat:

There was a discussion regarding the fees charged by Bonnie Hunter for the workshop she will conduct in Novinger, September 17, 18, and 19, 2015. Her fee for the workshops is based on the number of students in each of the three (3) workshop sections, plus a fee for the Trunk Show on Friday night, and motel expenses while in Kirksville. The fees for travel expenses are to be divided between three (3) guilds (Marshall, Springfield, and Kirksville), so an exact amount of expenses we will owe is not known at this time. We do know the fee for the Novinger facility is $350.00 plus $100.00 for security on Thursday and Friday nights.

2015 Quilt Show Report:

  • Marsha Yahl gave a summary of the responses from vendors. Most of them liked the show and the way booth assignments were handled this year. One vendor suggestion was that the fliers be mailed out earlier so they can advertise our show in their businesses.
  • It was announced that Meredith Willcox graciously made “participation ribbons” to be presented to all the participants in the “Youth” section of our Quilt Show. The hope is that this will encourage those young people to continue sewing and participate in future shows.



The By-Laws were distributed and some possible changes will be dealt with at the August meeting because attendance tonight was low, probably due to the NEMO Fair, which is in full swing this week.

2015-2016 Committee assignments:

Committee assignment sheets were handed out and we were reminded that EVERYONE is expected to serve on ONE committee. If someone wants to be on more than one committee, they are free to do so.  The Board would like to have as many of the programs handled “in house” as is possible. The past year quite a bit was spent on refreshments because we had so many guest presenters. It was felt that we needed to have refreshments when there is a guest speaker and cookies and drink were suggested.  A list was circulated for members to sign up to be responsible for a program. A list of name, address, phone, etc. was circulated and everyone was asked to make sure their information is correct before the 2015-2016 books are printed.

Quilt Show 2016:

  • It was announced that Barb Bevell, Andrea O’Brien, and Alice Allinson will chair the 2016 Quilt Show.
  • Another announcement was that Mary Magruder, at the suggestion of Kirksville R-III Schools Superintendent Dr. Kizzire, has approached the Guild with an offer to host the Quilt Show at one of the Kirksville Schools. This facility will be free, which is certainly exciting! It was suggested we ask for June 3-4, 2016, at the Middle School. Several Guild members are familiar with the Middle School and believe it is well lighted, has a kitchen, and a larger gymnasium for the quilts to be displayed. It is possible we could easily display an additional number of quilts. Seating for the lunch for vendors and Guild members would be at long tables, which fold down from the wall. School personnel will put down “mats” so we will not need to be so careful about the type of chairs and tables we use in the gym for the show itself. Another “plus” is that we could get in much earlier to start setting up and perhaps begin the show earlier than 4:00 p.m. on Friday. Due to light attendance this month, a decision on this matter was tabled to the August 19, meeting.

“Days For Girls”

  • It was announced that four members of the Guild had attended a meeting about “Days For Girls,” a project of the Rotary Club, in which we have volunteered to participate.
  • The next meeting will be August 1, 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. at the NE Missouri Health Council, 1506 Crown Drive, Kirksville. All are welcome to participate!

Courtesy Committee:

Cards will be sent to the following who are “under the weather:”

  • Jane Eitel fell recently in her kitchen and broke her wrist;
  • Gloria Davis is not feeling well tonight and was unable to attend; and
  • Paula Presley is dealing with sciatic nerve pain.


  • Rose Marie Smith
    1. “It’s In the DNA,” a Bonnie Hunter quilt;
  • Mary Shoaff
    1. “Tumbling Blocks;” and
  • Meredith Willcox
    1. Several “Fleece blankets” with crocheted edges for the Linus Project.

2015-2016 UFO Challenge:

The newly formed “Fun and Games” committee has decided to resurrect the popular “UFO Challenge”. This is a 1-year


The program tonight was planned by Nancy Krueger who had to be out of town.  Everyone was to bring the FIRST QUILT they made or tell about it if they no longer had it; and the LATEST QUILT they had completed:

  • Alice Allinson:
    • First quilt: is in “quilt heaven;”
    • Next quilt: in blue and mauve colors, “Log Cabin” pattern
    • Latest quilt: Edyta Sitar pattern (9-patch with precuts and more)
  • Kay Beach: 
    • First quilt: “Bow tie” pattern and hand quilted;
    • Latest quilt: is for a great niece who is having difficulties, named “Becca Don’t Care.”  Kay quilted it on her machine & emptied 5 bobbins;
  • Susan Bell: 
    • First quilt: was a Christmas quilt in 1990;
    • Latest quilt: September Challenge, “Pineapple Blossom” by Bonnie Hunter;
  • Barb Bevell: 
    • First quilt: in 1976 (not finished),
    • Next quilt: “Hearts” (1981), from a class by Sherry Bailey at Kay’s Fabrics.
    • Latest quilt: “Wild ‘n Bright With a Twist of  Lime” made for her mother;
  • Peggy Clark: 
    • First quilt: doesn’t have it anymore
    • Latest quilt: “Easy Street,” by Bonnie Hunter;
  • Kathy East: 
    • First quilt: was a baby quilt for 1st son (1959) with embroidered animals in  blocks, completely worn out by 3 boys;
    • Next quilt: made in 1960 for her brother from fabrics used by her mother to make his shirts until he was in high school;
    • Latest quilt: “ragtime” quilt, “Uncle Sam’s Pride,” made in 2014, for grandson, Cameron;
  • Ellen Farnsworth:
    • First quilt: 9-patch of flannel & it was tied by a friend;
  • Renae Farnsworth: 
    • She enjoys coordinating the Veterans’ Quilt project of the Guild since 2009;
  • Elsie Gaber: 
    • First quilt: started in 1989, finished in 1990; counted cross-stitch;
    • Latest quilt: “Jean’s Quilt:” The “Apache Wedding Blessing” is in the center and 22 Guild members made a block to honor Jean Nevins;
  • Susan Guffey:
    • First quilt made when she was 8 in star pattern & tied;
    • Latest quilt: “Desert Star” by Judy Niemeyer;
  • Joan Harrison: 
    • First quilt: “My Friend’s House”
    • Early quilt:  Cross-stitched blocks made by her mother in 1970’s and quilted by Joan in 2002;
    • Latest quilt: “David’s Quilt,” made for her brother;
  • Susan Howai:
    • First quilt: September 2001, quilted by a friend from South Africa;
    • Latest quilt: “Pin Quilt,” featuring military medals of her husband, 2015;
  • Diane Jarvis:
    • Latest quilt: “Vintage Tin;”
  • Pat Kurtzeman:
    • First quilt: 4” squares, 1950,
    • Next quilt: “Sampler Quilt,” Class from Alice Allinson, fabrics chosen by her husband;
    • Last quilt: 2011, fabrics chosen by Pat;
  • Liz Mills: 
    • First quilt: had dogs on it;
    • Latest quilt: 2012 Challenge quilt for grandson.  She made a crib blanket, pillow, & car seat cover from fabric with “owls” & “minky” fabric for backing;
  • Erin Northcutt: 
    • First quilt: “Ram’s” (football) fabric;
    • Latest quilt: “signature quilt” made for her school principal;
  • Andrea O’Brien:
    • First quilt: baby quilt for son, Zane, square blocks separated with bias strips; “tied” with zig-zag stitches on her machine;
    • Latest quilt: “Charm pack” quilt in purples;
  • Shelly Pagliai: 
    • First quilt: made when 12 years old, white with embroidered peacock, learned to hand quilt on this quilt;
    • Latest quilt: “Hole in the Barn Door;”
  • Celia Riggle:
    • First quilt: “Log Cabin”–she checked out a library book & made it from clothes worn by the family;
    • Latest quilt: “Majestic Mountains,” by Bonnie Hunter;
  • Rose Marie Smith: 
    • First quilt: light blue square blocks with appliquéd dogs;
    • Latest quilt: “Primitive Applique” by Jan Paddock;
  • Carol Snider:
    • First quilt: a baby quilt with embroidered blocks, put together by Carol & her Mother;
    • First full-size quilt was made in 1990 during Desert Storm, “Streak of Lightning;”
    • Latest quilt: “Irish Chain with Yo-Yos.”  Each yo-yo has a button in the center and the buttons have a daisy in the center;
  • Meredith Willcox: 
    • First quilt: a doll quilt, made on a treadle machine when she was very young; she had to stand up in order to use the treadle;
    • Latest quilt: “Stack & Whack;”
  • Marsha Yahl: 
    • First quilt: “Rail Fence;”
    • Latest quilt: “Patches and Pinwheels” by Bonnie Hunter;
  • Di Zook: 
    • First quilt: 1980’s for daughter from charm pack, full-size navy blue;
    • Latest quilt: “Boxy Stars,” a Bonnie Hunter quilt.

Following the VERY interesting program, the meeting was adjourned at 9:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy East, Secretary

Minutes from the June 2015 HOF Guild Meeting

Use this link to download and print a copy of our June 2015 Minutes.


JUNE 17, 2015

The Hands of Friendship Quilt Guild met in the Fellowship Hall at the Methodist Church, Kirksville, on June 17, 2015. A wonderful carry-in dinner was enjoyed by 29 members and 3 guests, Ron Gaber, Charlie Beach, and Scott Jarvis. These gentlemen had assisted in various ways to either set up or tear down the quilt show May 29-30.  In the absence of President Di Zook, Vice President Kay Beach called the meeting to order shortly after 7:00 p.m. and announced the June birthdays. Roll call was answered by 29 members and the May minutes were approved as received via email and postal service. Treasurer Joan Harrison handed out the Treasurer’s Report, which reflected the registrations received for the Bonnie Hunter Workshops.  Obviously, some of those funds will be used to cover any additional costs of the workshop.


The Quilt Show was very good.  A more complete wrap-up is to be voiced under new business later in the meeting. A donation was made to the Knox County Nursing Home in memory of Bob Glasgow, who passed away recently. His wife is Evelyn.


Kay announced that the slate of officers for the 2015-2016 year is:  Di Zook, President; Andrea O’Brien, Vice-President; Kathy East, Secretary; and Joan Harrison, Treasurer. Alice Allinson made a motion the proposed slate of officers be accepted by acclamation, with a second by Linda Kowalski, and a unanimous vote.

A copy of the proposed 2015-2016 Guild Handbook was circulated and everyone was asked to check the spelling of their names, address, phone numbers, etc., marking OK if there were no changes and making any necessary changes.

The Macon County Town & Country Fair at Macon, asked to borrow our quilt standards for their upcoming quilt show. It was pointed out that many years ago, there was a decision by the Guild that the standards would not be loaned out. Although they seem quite sturdy, parts of them are rather fragile and loaning them was not considered to be a wise idea at that time. It was agreed that we should not change that decision. Charlie Beach was kind enough to give the person(s) from Macon a sample of how they are made, along with instructions.

Kay Beach and Linda Kowalski will assist the Town & Country 4-H young ladies in judging their quilt show at the Macon County Town & Country Fair, July 7-11, 2015.

There was an announcement of a Shop Hop July 16, 17, and 18, 2015. Area shops involved include Wildflower Quilting (Karen Farnsworth), Greentop; Brilee Quilt Shop (Susan Chidester), Glenwood; Wheeler’s Longarm Quilting, Hwy Y, Greentop; Quilted Square (Tammy Jones), Kirksville; Memphis Mercantile, downtown Memphis; and Zimmerman’s at Rutledge.

Barb Bevell stated our BLOG is getting too large and we need to consider paying $99 per year for a larger blog space. As there were quite a few members absent tonight, it was decided to table this item and take it up at the July meeting.

It was announced that the Bonnie Hunter Workshops in Novinger, sponsored by our Guild, are full:  there are 32 registrations for the half-day workshop on Thursday, September 17; 46 for the full-day workshop on Friday, September 18; and 42 for the full-day workshop on September 19. (We are reminded that admission for Guild members to the Trunk Show on Friday, September 18, 7:00 p.m. is one dozen cookies for refreshments.) Other attendees will pay $10. at the door. At you can get the FREE patterns for both Thursday (Playing with Jacks), and Friday (Jared Takes a Wife) classes, and the book, “More Adventures with Leaders and Enders” for the Saturday class can be ordered from there, also. Kay Beach asked if there is a speaker system at the Novinger Fire Station and no one in attendance knew the answer.   It was felt that a speaker system would be helpful and that will be determined prior to the Workshops.

It was announced that Pete Yahl had knee surgery today, June 17, in Columbia.

QUILT SHOW:  Scarlett Ragas

The Bed Turning was very nice and the chairs were full at all the presentations.

There were a few glitches on Friday, May 29, when no tables or chairs were available in the check-in area. (All available tables and chairs were being used elsewhere in the YMCA for a class that was being held.) Gratefully, several Guild members had brought folding tables and they were utilized for the quilt check-in and the custodian located 5 folding chairs for use by those checking the quilts in. On Saturday, very few tables were in the kitchen area but there was an ample supply of chairs. The young people at the front desk located 8 long white folding tables for the kitchen area and there were times when all of them were full of people. Other small, narrow tables already in the room were utilized to hold the food, drinks, etc. It was felt that in the future, there needs to be a clear understanding with the YMCA officials as to our needs for tables and chairs.

Barb Bevell went over the surveys that had been turned in. Two of the vendors really liked drawing numbers for the position of each vendor’s booth—it was felt this was a more fair way to determine the placement of each vendor. The general consensus was that the layout was much better this year. It was noted that binder clips were used this year to attach the quilts and it was felt they worked well. Although she does not have it set up, Alice Allinson has purchased a quilt standard for herself and will see how it works.

Bonnie Schultz announced that all the youth quilters received “Participation Awards” with thanks to Meredith Willcox for providing them. It is hoped these awards might encourage the young quilters to continue quilting. Meredith used the “Big Top” theme and made the awards smaller than the ribbons given to the winning quilts in the various categories.

Scarlett Ragas thanked everyone for their assistance at the Quilt Show and Kathy East thanked everyone for the food shared in the kitchen area. All the “dishes” looked attractive and tasted great, with lots of variety! Those in the kitchen were thanked many times by the vendors as well as Guild members for making the food available. It was noted that it is easier for everyone to have food on site and not have to go into town as we did in some past years.

Barb Bevell related other survey results. There were also some good suggestions that we might utilize at future shows.  One suggestion mentioned we might have quiet music playing during the show, except during the Bed Turnings.  Another suggestion was that we might add an additional class:  “Antique quilt blocks, backing, etc. pieced and/or completed more recently”. Attendees expressed their appreciation for the display of Veterans’ quilts and the demonstrations of machine quilting and hand quilting. This year there was more room available for such things and that was good.


  • Meredith Willcox
    1. A quilt with panels of a little boy playing baseball and set together with fabrics featuring baseballs. It will be given to a great-grandson who is playing ball this summer.
  • Pat Kurtzeman
    1. “Grandma’s Victory”
  • Alice Allinson
    1. A baby quilt in pinks and grays
  • Andrea O’Brien
    1. A quilt made for a WWII veteran, quilted by Joan Harrison
  • Linda Kowalski
    1. Baby quilt for a grandniece
    2. “Bad Ass Quitters’ Society” black and white quilt
    3. A quilt made from Cherrywood fabrics in the “churn dash” pattern; finished project could not be more than 20” square
    4. Veterans’ Quilt from a “jelly roll,” which was given to Renae Farnsworth for the HOF Veterans Project.*
  • Liz Mills
    1. A Veterans’ Quilt, which was given to Renae Farnsworth for the HOF Veterans Project.*

*Both of these Veterans quilts will be given to a veteran in the future.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy East, Secretary

Minutes from the May 2015 HOF Quilt Guild Meeting

Use this link to download and print a copy of our May 2015 Minutes.

Please leave any comments/corrections at the end.


MAY 20, 2015

The Hands Of Friendship Quilt Guild met in Fellowship Hall at the Methodist Church, Kirksville, on May 20, 2015. President Di Zook called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m. May birthdays were announced. Roll call was answered by 38 members. The April minutes were approved as received via email and postal service.


A thank you note from the American Legion Auxiliary, La Plata Post 282, was read to the group. Because he was impressed with the lap robes presented to several La Plata veterans through the Guild’s “Project 4 Veterans,” the La Plata American Legion Commander had asked if we might be able to present a Veteran’s quilt to the American Legion National Commander when he visited the La Plata American Legion on April 4, 2015. A U.S. Army lap quilt was provided by Renae Farnsworth and presented to the National Commander by Kathy East. In appreciation, the Auxiliary sent their thanks for the quilt and a donation to the Guild to be used in purchasing items needed for the lap robe project.

Bonnie Hunter Event:

Linda Pickett announced that the Bonnie Hunter Workshop in September is full!


2015-2016 Officers:

President Di Zook announced that Andrea O’Brien has agreed to be Vice-President of the Guild in the 2015-2016 year, with the other officers remaining the same:  Di Zook, President; Kathy East, Secretary; and Joan Harrison, Treasurer.


  • QUILT SHOW: Scarlett Ragas
  • Ribbons: Meredith Willcox reported the awards and ribbons are completed and displayed them.  They have a very colorful “big top” to go along with our theme, “Under the Big Top,” and they look GREAT!
  • Bed Turning: Kay Beach requested additional Bonnie Hunter design quilts for the Bed Turning and some individuals said they would bring quilts they had made. The “Bed Turning” will be presented at 5:30 p.m. on Friday, May 29; and at 10:00 a.m., 12:00 noon, and 2:00 p.m. on Saturday,  May 30. Other demonstrations on hand piecing/quilting and machine piecing will be held during the “off” times.
  • Publicity:
    • Barb Bevell reported brochures have been mailed to quilt shops that didn’t have them. Other brochures were handed out this evening for placement in other spots that do not have one. For her records, please email Barb with the places where you have posted brochures!
    • Alice Allinson and Kay Beach will be on “Good Morning Heartland,” Monday, May 25, approximately 6:15 a.m. promoting our Quilt Show.
    • Kay Beach and Rose Marie Smith will be on the “Coffee Break” show for Memphis radio.
    • More large signs need to be made and Linda Kowalski made a motion, seconded by Alice Allinson, to have 10 signs made at a cost of $25.00 each. The motion carried.
    • The committee asked if there were other suggestions for advertising. There was a question about advertising on the marquees of Rider Drugs and the Bank of Kirksville, as in the past, and the committee will check on that.
  • Vendors: Marsha Yahl announced there will be room for seven (7) vendors and two vendors were turned down because they did not send the required fee with their applications. Space numbers will be drawn from a hat/or box and the vendors will be assigned their spots down the east wall and across the south wall via that method.
    • Vendors are:
      • Sew Creative, Donna McAdams, Salisbury
      • Prairie Moon Quilts, Shelly Pagliai, New Cambria
      • B & B Creations, Dean Boyd, Tracy, IA
      • Sawyer Creek Artistry, Rich Wolpert, Rogersville, MO
      • W J Stitchery, Wanda Cagle, Kirksville
      • Quilted Square, Tammy Jones, Kirksville
      • Wildflower Quilting, Karen Farnsworth, Greentop.
    • There was a motion by Alice Allinson to rent 40 chairs from Jerry McMain for the Quilt Show. Barb Bevell seconded the motion, and there was a unanimous vote. These chairs will be used by the vendors, set at the ends of the quilt standards, used in the kitchen area, and used for the bed turning.
  • Working Shifts: Sign-up sheets were circulated and members were asked to sign up for the various “jobs”:
  • Friday, May 29:
    • Assist with quilt check-in at 7:00 a.m
    • Put sleeves on 2 x 4’s before 10:00 a.m. (or as soon as we can get in)
    • Set up the standards and hang quilts at 10:00 a.m. (or earlier)
    • Collect donations at the door
    • Sell tickets on the raffle quilt
  • Saturday, May 30:
    • Collect donations at the door
    • Sell tickets on the raffle quilt
    • Serve in the kitchen: food for the vendors. (Workers arrive by 11:00 a.m.)
    • Assist with quilt check-out (a little before 4:00 p.m.)
    • Assist with tear down (around 4:00 p.m.)
    • Other jobs as necessary.
  • Quilt Standards:
    • Keith Peck is making sure all the standards are in good shape. Several volunteered to bring plastic bags to wrap the 2 x 4’s and it was mentioned we may need additional masking tape to secure those bags prior to putting the “sleeves” on them.
    • Susan Guffey, Marilyn & Keith Peck, and Marsha Yahl will assist with getting the standards, etc. out of storage.  Marsha will drive the truck & trailer to the storage area. She will need a driver to back in the trailer at the Y because Pete is physically unable to do that this year.
  • Quilt Show Book:
    • Kathy Krog is making the quilt show books.
    • Pictures of Jean Nevins and/or her quilts are needed so we can honor Jean in the quilt show books—get them to Kathy Krog immediately!
  • Community Service Table: Renae Farnsworth distributed index cards for everyone to tell what community service they have done this year, including Veterans’ quilts and Project Linus quilts.


  • Liz Mills
    • “Veterans’ quilt”
  • Marsha Yahl
    1. “Buckeye Beauty”
  • Marilyn Peck
    1. charity quilt
  • Meredith Willcox
    1. quilt from Dawn Heese Retreat
  • Andrea O’Brien
    1. “Wedding Quilt” with spaces for signatures of wedding attendees
  • Maria Bradshaw
    1. Lymphoblastic leukemia quilt
  • Mary Magruder
    1. “Circus theme quilt”
    2. “Iron caddy”
  • Debbie Hudnall
    1. “High School Is Crazy,” t-shirt quilt
  • Diane Bloskovich
    1. “Fun with Blue and Brown”
  • Joan Harrison
    1. “Nine-Patch in a Star”
  • Stephanie Hettinger
    1. Shared the joy that she is expecting!
  • Di Zook
    1. “Quilt with pictures of friend’s dog.”  She used her new machine to embroider the dog’s name on the quilt.  (They fish in Canada at this friends’ place.)

The meeting was adjourned at 8:07 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy East, Secretary

Minutes from the March 2015 HOF Guild Meeting

Use this link to download and print a copy of our March 2015 Minutes.

Please leave any comments/corrections at the end.


MARCH 18, 2015

The Hands of Friendship Quilt Guild met in room 202 of the Methodist Church, March 18, 2015, 6:30 p.m. For this meeting, the program was presented first, followed by the business meeting, and a Silent Auction of items owned by Jean Nevins.

After Jean’s passing, the family graciously donated her “quilty” items to the Guild. Meredith Wilcox and others had placed her items in boxes, baggies, etc. and they were displayed in the hall and at the back of the meeting room. There was a lot of fabric, knitting items, quilt magazines, etc.


Linda Pickett and Jane Eitel presented the program based on the book, “Civil War Sewing Circle.” Quilting was a major outlet for women’s “volunteerism,” and during & after the war, they became property owners and were more vocal publicly. Many of the slave women joined the Union Army. There were food shortages and the women had to learn to garden. They also became store owners, teachers, and nurses, since they now had to support themselves. The northern women received a supplemental check from the government but the southern women did not. Alms houses (women’s shelters) were created during this time.

Readers for the program included Di Zook, “A Dreadful War,” Liz Mills, “Sewing for a Cause;” Kathy East, “Sweet Sociability;” Jane Eitel, “Tokens of Affection;” and Linda Pickett, “With This Needle.” They displayed various items from the Civil War Era or items they had reproduced representing that era.

Several members showed quilts they had made to represent the quilts of the Civil War era:

  • Kay Beach, “Grandma’s Porch,” and “Anvil;”
  • Peggy Clark, “Reap the Whirlwind,” and “Butternut in Blue;”
  • Bonnie Shultz, “Bonnie’s Creation,” made of interesting reproduction fabrics.

Following the program, there was a break and everyone was encouraged to look through Jean’s quilt-related items and place their bids on the papers provided. There was a minimum bid of $1.00 on many items.


President Di Zook called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.. Roll Call was answered by 32 members and one guest, Stephanie Hettinger, was introduced.  She plans to join our guild. The minutes were approved as distributed. Treasurer Joan Harrison did not circulate a hard copy of the Treasurer’s Report tonight, stating it was almost the same as last month. She did remind us there are monies set aside for the Speaker Fund (Bonnie Hunter) and also the needs of the Community Service Committee. A copy of Joan’s report is attached to the minutes.


Everyone was given an opportunity to sign up for all the Bonnie Hunter classes and their money was collected. Linda Pickett announced that after tonight, the general public will be invited to sign up for classes and she feels there will be no problem filling all the classes, which are:

  • September 17 (Thu)—(Half-day class) “Playing with Jacks
  • September 18 (Fri)—(Full-day class) “Jared Takes a Wife
  • September 18 (Fri)—(Evening) Trunk Show (Members are to bring cookies)
  • September 19 (Sat)—(Full-day class) “Texas Tumble Weeds” *required purchase of the book, “More Adventures with Leaders and Enders”

All classes/trunk show will be at the Novinger Fire Station, Novinger, MO. A lunch buffet will be available both Friday and Saturday for $10 per person. In addition, there are a couple restaurants in Novinger where anyone can get a meal if they so desire or you are welcome to “brown bag” your lunch.


Member News:

Kathy East announced the National Commander of the American Legion will be in La Plata April 4, and he will be presented with a quilt made by our Guild members. Renae Farnsworth made that quilt available.

Kathy read a “Thank You” note from Leonard Brokaw of La Plata, in appreciation of the quilt presented to him as a veteran of WWII.  Kathy & Stan East have presented quilts to 3 other WWII veterans recently and the La Plata American Legion Commander has gone with them for those presentations.

Shelly Pagliai was featured recently in the new Macon paper.



Evelyn Glasgow’s husband, Bob, was taken to St. Louis today where he will have heart surgery.  A card will be sent to them.


Barb Bevell announced she has received a number of pictures of Guild activities in years past from Susan Bell. She would appreciate pictures from any Guild member.


  • Vendors:
    • Scarlett Ragas announced that the vendor letters will be going out tomorrow.
  • General Information:
    • Our Quilt Show was listed on the YMCA calendar for only one day instead of two. Scarlett tried to straighten that out but the YMCA has not called her back. She does have a signed contract listing both May 29 and 30, 2015. The rental fee is $400, including an extra room on the 30th, so the vendors and workers can have a place to eat lunch on Saturday. When asked if the rental had been paid, Scarlett said we usually pay after the Quilt Show and Treasurer Joan Harrison agreed that was the way it has been done in the past.
    • Kathy East said she would bring a lot of plastic sacks for use on the 2’ x 4’s prior to the installation of the “sleeves.”
    • Some of the standards are in disrepair and need to be checked. Kay Beach mentioned there was a good possibility Charlie would not be “up” to taking care of them this year and Kathy felt Stan would not be able to assist with that either. Kathy suggested perhaps we could get Keith Peck to assist in this way.
    • There was a suggestion that perhaps we could “free up” some standards by putting the small wall hangings on a clothesline with clothespins.
    • There was a suggestion that this might be a good time to at least “think” about using PVC pipe standards instead of the wood. One suggestion was that we might try one (1) set or cube and see if it worked out well. Either way, there will be some expense as neither heavy duty PVC pipe or wood is cheap! More information is needed before we invest too much money and time on either solution. Alice Allinson will talk with Lynn Dirkse about the PVC pipe set-up and report at the April meeting.
  • Raffle Quilt:
    • Alice Allinson displayed the 2015 raffle quilt, “Magic of Spring,” and it is beautiful. The paper-pieced quilt is mainly white, with spring flowers in 5 different colors, and wonderful quilting in white.
  • Future Ideas:
    • There was a suggestion that we think about changing the quilt show entrance fee. It was felt this could not be done this year because the letters are ready to go out but that perhaps we could act upon that possibility before the 2016 Quilt Show.


  • Carol Snider
    1. Tee shirt quilt in memory of a friend’s husband who was a veteran and also a motorcycle rider.  The shirts were various sizes and sewn next to each other with no sashing.
  • Celia Riggle
    1. Quilt she made for a daughter.
  • Susan Howaii
    1. 3 small quilts, including a “crazy” quilt.
  • Bonnie Schultz
    1. Quilt made with fabrics from Alaska and Arkansas.
  • Michele Breault
    1. She finished her “hexi” quilt with literally thousands of very small hexis (1 ½”).
  • Sarah Spearman
    1. Lap quilt, all blocks contained cats and large gray mice were appliquéd in the borders.  Her mother did the quilting.
  • Linda Kowalski
    1. “Coast Guard Star” made for Moda’s “Peace and Comfort Challenge.”
  • Meredith Willcox
    1. Three “crazy quilt” panels for her daughter’s “theater” in their home.  The panels will have Styrofoam inside them to control the sound.  She embellished the 3 quilts with family tatting, crocheted items, etc.,
    2. Table runner from Jean Nevins’ stash.
  • Alice Allinson
    1. Her “My, My, My Sedona” entry for Paducah is on the front of the Paducah Quilt Show flier.
  • Stephanie Hettinger
    1. A quilt made from pink fabrics, with the “pink ribbon design” in the center.  She made it for someone who will be receiving chemo.
  • Barb Bevell
    1. Child’s “Ragtime” quilt that is both an “I Spy” and “matching” quilt.
  • Elsie Gaber
    1. Showed the quilt that has been put together so far with fabrics from Jean Nevins’ stash   Some turned in additional blocks tonight.

Following Show & Tell, the meeting was adjourned and attendees were given 10 minutes to make last-minute offers for Jean Nevins’ fabrics, etc., and then pay for their purchases.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy East, Secretary