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2016 October Program — Shelly Pagliai

Our very own, Shelly Pagliai, was our featured speaker for October. Her program was based on her recently published quilt book, “A Simple Life”. (To purchase the book or to find out some behind-the-scenes info, go to Shelly’s website.)simplelifecover

“The Life of Hazel Ilene,” is based on Shelly’s grandmother, Hazel. Hazel was born in 1936 and grew up in the Callao, Missouri, area. In 1950, she was given a Christmas gift of a little red diary. She began writing in it in 1951 and faithfully continued keeping the diary until the day she was married. Shelly has brought these stories and the history of the 1950’s to life through photos, recipes, diary excerpts, news clippings, and more.

Shelly designed a quilt, called “Hazel’s Diary,” img_5835and those designs were published in the Kansas City Star as the “Block of the Month” from January 2015 through December 2015. “Hazel’s Diary” was made to reflect the simple life and times of the 1950’s.  Each block, backed by the red “frame”, is reminiscent of a pretty little hankie, with its scalloped edges.

More of Shelly’s beautiful quilts are shown below.




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Winners of the 2015-2016 UFO Challenge:

  • 1st Place, Mary Magruder – $25 gift certificate to Missouri Star Quilts
  • 2nd Place, Liz Mills – $15 gift certificate to Missouri Star Quilts
  • 3rd Place, Cindy Spearman — $10 gift certificate to Missouri Star Quilts

Liz and Mary stand in front of all of the entrants in the UFO Challenge. We had over 40 (of 50) members participate!!

Thanks to everyone who took part in this challenge. Our goal of this challenge is to help you finished more of your UFOs over the course of a year. Perhaps next year you’ll get even more accomplished!


Minutes from the January 2016 HOF Guild Meeting


JANUARY 27, 2016  

The Hands of Friendship Quilt Guild met at the Adair County Annex, Kirksville, on January 27, 2016, for their regular meeting. The weather was not good on January 20, 2016, the regular third Wednesday meeting date, and not wanting anyone to receive a broken bone due to the ice underfoot, the meeting was cancelled. Since the Annex was available on January 27, an email poll was conducted to determine if the members would want to meet on the 4th Wednesday. With a positive response, President Di Zook opened the meeting at 6:35 p.m. Roll call was answered by 33 members who also responded as to whether they had ever been on the Executive Board.

President Di Zook announced the January birthdays and read thank you notes from:

  1. the Dialysis Clinic for the neck pillows made for them,
  2. Tabitha Sawyer and Kelcey Wood, in charge of the Veterans’ Day luncheon in La Plata, for the lap robe given to Gene Wood of La Plata, and
  3. the Christian Community Food Depot for the monetary gift and canned food items.


OLD BUSINESS: There was none.


  • Sara Spearman, Guild member and student at Truman State, announced the college students were collecting money to assist the residents of Flint, Michigan, where there is a serious problem with lead in their water system. A box was circulated for donations.
  • Elsie Gaber thanked everyone for their response to the “block” project. For several months, Elsie distributed various fabrics to the members present and asked them to make a 9 ½” block with those fabrics. They will be made into a quilt for the Rotary Reverse Auction. The blocks turned in were displayed and everyone was invited to move them around into an arrangement pleasing to them. Plain black fabric will be sewn between the blocks and will obviously made the blocks “pop.”




  • Project Linus will be Saturday, February 20, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., at the Moose Lodge. This is a new location. There will be door prizes and lunch is provided
  • “Quilt ‘Til U Wilt” will also be Saturday, February 20, 9:00 a.m. until you “wilt” at the Adair County Annex. There will be a carry-in lunch.

HISTORIAN: There was no report.


Bonnie Schultz requested names of anyone who should be remembered. Please keep all these people in your prayers!

  • Nancy Krueger’s grandmother
  • Kay’s husband, Charlie
  • Mary Magruder
  • Mary Shoaf’s husband
  • Diane Jarvis’ brother


Andrea O’Brien stated she may have to switch the April program with someone.


There was a report of the Christmas Party, which was attended by 31 members and several guests. Comments: The decorations were “out of this world,” and the live saxaphone music was great! Jo Conklin said Randy Smith would be glad to provide music again and he now has a keyboard that he could play, also.


There will be a Quilt Retreat March 5, 2016, at the Adair County Annex. Shelley Pagliai will present the class. The fee has not been set at this time but will include: breakfast of rolls/juice/coffee, lunch of soup/sandwich/dessert/drinks, and the class. A list of necessary supplies and the class topic will be announced soon


Elsie Gaber gave her report.



  • The Quilt Show will be Friday, June 3, and Saturday, June 4, 2016.       It will be held at the William Mathews Middle School, where we will have the gymnasium, commons area, and Home Economics Room (kitchen).
  • Our 2016 theme is: “Piece and Love.” Guild members are to wear “tie-dye” shirts during the show.
  • Electronic/Paper Quilt Registration Forms will go out soon and also will be brought to the February meeting. Entries MUST be received BY MAY 13, 2016.
  • Barb Bevell stated we need some new standards. Some of ours are fairly old and perhaps we can buy a few at a time, particularly since we will be saving the “rental” fee by having the show at the Middle School.
  • New categories have been added to the Quilt Show:
    • “Old quilt, newly finished.” This category would be for an unfinished quilt someone purchased, was given, or inherited and then completed;
    • “New Quilter,” First Ever Quilt.
  • There was a discussion about raising the amount to enter the Quilt Show. This is a “Donation” and has been at $2. for some time. There was a motion to raise the Donation fee to $5.       During discussion, some felt this was too much of a “jump” and after a show of hands, the motion was withdrawn and a motion to raise the Donation to $3.00 was passed unanimously.
  • Barb Bevell prepared a list of all the Quilt Guilds in the Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska area and also a list of the Quilt Shops in those same areas.



It was felt the price for vendors needed to be raised from $20.00-$25.00. Pat Kurtzeman made a motion to do this, second by Gyla Elmore. The motion carried. If anyone knows of a new vendor, please give the information to Marsha Yahl or Bonnie Schultz. Keep in mind that a vendor could be promoting anything connected with quilting, such as jewelry with a “quilt’ theme. It is hoped the gentleman with wood trim seam rippers will be at this year’s show.

Marsha Yahl said she has one problem: she and Pete can bring the supplies (standards, etc.) from the storage unit to the Middle School on Friday morning. But, her grandson is getting married Saturday evening and they will not be able to return the standards, etc. to the storage unit on Saturday afternoon. Their trailer has a “bumper”-type hitch and someone could use it. Di Zook said she would check to see if their trailer would be large enough. Gratefully, we do have a few months to make other arrangements.


Pat Kurtzeman announced the raffle quilt is coming along and should be completed the first week of February. It will have 25 “Mariners’ Compass” blocks in white and shades of blue.


It was mentioned that in 2015, “Honorable Mention” awards were given to all the youth who entered a quilt, hoping that would encourage them to continue making quilts.



Kathy Krog:

  1. Quilt from kit
  2. Christmas quilt made for her niece

Peggy Clark:

  1. Lifeline Pregnancy (4)
  2. Project Linus (5), with one of squares/bricks
  3. Heart quilt for granddaughter

Kay Beach:

  1. “Car quilt,” in red, black & white
  2. “Playing with Jacks,” a Bonnie Hunter quilt
  3. “Car quilt,” — “Disappearing 9-patch”

Susan Chidester:

  1. Quilt for a friend
  2. Quilt with Prairie Points

Brenda Moore: My first quilt and I learned a lot!

  1. Wall hanging, “Magnolia Blossoms”

Sarah Spearman:

  1. Ragtime baby quilt
  2. Quilt from a top she bought at a flea market

Marsha Yahl:

  1. Double Diamonds in blues & yellows

Bonnie Schultz:

  1. Bag from Christmas Party Fabric; (Said she’s now officially a “bag lady”)
  2. Quilt for a daughter-in-law

Linda Kowalski:

  1. “Tossed Salad,” lots of yellows and greens

Liz Mills:

  1. Pillow embroidered in blue
  2. “Stars” for Project Linus
  3. “Giraffes” self binding quilt for Project Linus

Andrea O’Brien:

  1. Veteran quilt for John’s uncle who served in Vietnam
  2. Quilt in purples and made from scraps

Joan Harrison:

  1. Quilt for teenage boy for Project Linus
  2. Horses for Project Linus
  3. Christmas fabrics with angels backing for Project Linus

Kathy East:

  1. Veterans’ quilts for guys from La Plata (2)



Barb Bevell gave a demonstration on “Faux Cathedral Window” using denim circles. Shelly Pagliai talked about the Quilting Challenges she is involved in on her website These include the 350 Block Projects, the Creativity Challenge, Triangle Salad, and the Studio Organizing Challenge. She also shared her 3-ring planner and how she organizes her ideas for her projects, her business, and her life.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy East, Secretary

July 2016 Show & Tell and Program: “Your First Quilt and your Latest Quilt”.


The July Show & Tell was a little light this month, as most everyone participated in the Program instead.

First up, Rose Marie Smith shared her “It’s in the DNA” quilt (a Bonnie Hunter design) — we apologize, no photo available.

Next, Meredith Willcox shared several “Fleece blankets” with crocheted edges she made for the Linus Project.


And Mary Shoaff shared her beautiful and complex “Tumbling Blocks”. 100_0614

and now for the July program….


For the July program, we were asked to bring our First (or Earliest quilt we had) and our Latest quilt. Each member who participated told a short story and we were treated to a variety of lovely quilts. It was fun to see how each person’s quilting style has changed!

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Homework for July Meeting–

So you’ve been out of school for a while, right? Free from studying and homework. Well, we are giving you an assignment for the next Guild meeting on July 15: Bring your FIRST quilt and your LAST quilt!

This will be a FUN program, so be sure to bring your quilts and share your stories. Pass on lessons learned along the way on your journey from then until now. If you don’t have your first quilt, that’s ok, just bring the oldest one you have. Or tell us about your first quilt.

Be sure to come and enjoy the stories and see how the styles and tastes have changed over the years. It’s guaranteed to provide lots of laughter and amazement!

See you on the 15th!

April 2015 HOF Program: “Small Quilts”, given by Michele Breault and Barb Bevell

Michele Breault and Barb Bevell presented a program on “Small Quilts” for the April meeting of the Hands of Friendship Quilt Guild. Michele shared her tiny quilts, including those that were hand pieced and hand appliquéd. Then came her Feathered Star, Baby Quilt, a Gena Kimball quilt with 6” blocks, a tiny felt item, a quilt made from 3” nine patches, and another with 3” mariner’s compass blocks. But that wasn’t all… Next, she displayed and talked about her 2013 Challenge quilt, a blue & yellow quilt, a black quilt, two Twister quilts (in two sizes), a “Where’s Waldo”, a tiny quilt made of hand-pieced stars, and two 3” blocks. Whew! We were all amazed!

Barb and Michele talked about their journeys in life that drew them to quilting and what influenced their love for miniatures and small quilts. Books and patterns were also on display, along with boxes of tiny 1″ and 1 1/2″ squares of fabric.

Barb shared her quilts, which included a large and small version of the Underground Railroad, several small quilts made from the scraps given to her by friends, a baby-doll quilt, and her current half-square triangle quilt (each half-square triangle finishes at 1″). She also talked about how she cuts scraps and left-over fabric into various sizes of small squares (1″, 1 1/2″, 2″, 2 1/2″), how she stores the pieces, and how she follows Bonnie Hunter’s method of sewing “leaders and enders” to make thousands of 2-patches, 4-patches, and half-square triangles. Her challenge is to use scraps of fabric most people would declare “too small” to use and throw away.

Several other guild members brought miniatures they had made to share with the group. These members were Kathy Krog, Alice Allinson (small Mariner’s Compass and a small paper pieced Tulip quilt with crystals), and Jo Conklin (two small paper pieced quilts).

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March 2015 Program: “Civil War Sewing Circle”, given by Linda Pickett and Jane Eitel

March 2015 Program: “Civil War Sewing Circle”

Linda Pickett and Jane Eitel presented the program based on the book, “Civil War Sewing Circle.” Several members in the guild served as readers in the program and various items of representing the Civil War Era were on display. Kay Beach, Peggy Clark, and Bonnie Schultz shared quilts they had made to represent the quilts of the time.

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